Prime Minister Narendra Modi had yesterday called for a 21-day nationwide lockdown to contain the novel coronavirus that started from midnight on Tuesday in his address to the nation at 8 pm yesterday. Minutes after he said so, the Ministry of Home Affairs came out with a comprehensive list of essential services that will remain operational during the nationwide lockdown.

food security market
Nitin Gadkari inaugurates India's first food security marketPR Handout

But, as soon as the PM stated this, there was a panic among people everywhere that led to them thronging the supermarkets and grocery shops, vegetable shops to stock up essential items. This, in turn, led to bigger chaos for the police force and civil administration. To put a stop to this, the DGP of Karnataka Praveen Sood stated in a Tweet today that for the convenience of the citizens, grocery shops and supermarkets selling food articles can remain open 24x7 all over the state of Karnataka.

DGP Karnataka's Tweet

Through the Tweet, he appealed to the citizens to cooperate with the police and avoid overcrowding.

A Govt order released yesterday stated that all commercial and private establishments will be closed down - except rations shops and shops dealing with food, groceries, fruits and vegetables, dairy and milk booths, meat and fish and animal fodder.

The DGP has further added that patients requiring medical attention are allowed to and from the hospital without any need for curfew pass.

Videos are making rounds of social media where police can be seen dealing with defaulters who are venturing out on the roads for no reason.

PM Modi had stated yesterday that people need not panic about the availability of essential commodities and medicines during the 21-day nationwide lockdown as the Centre and various state governments will work together to ensure that essential commodities and food items are supplied.

India woke up on Wednesday to a comprehensive lockdown of its 1.3 billion people and turned to be one of the world's most ambitious efforts to fight the coronavirus. India has identified over 600 confirmed cases of the disease, which has so far killed 11 people.

Modi had stated that the country needs to fight this virus together and now. He also announced a fund of Rs 15,000 crore to fight the COVID-19 pandemic.