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Deva Katta is set to put forward all the undeniable proofs, witnesses and sources to shut Vishnu Induri's lies and expose his plagiarism riding on other people's money and ideas. Vishnu Vardhan Induri announced on August 10 to make a movie, which is inspired by the fictional account of the lives of late Andhra Pradesh CM YS Rajasekhara Reddy and Nara Chandrababu Naidu.

Deva Katta was furious to see the report about the movie, the idea of which he had pitched to Vishnu a few years ago. After seeing the news, he tweeted on August 11, "I have a public statement to make."

In a series of tweets, Deva Katta claimed that he has written the script on YSR/CBN's friendship and rivalry and registered its copyright in 2017. The director tweeted on August 12, "In 2017, I have written a script paying homage to the iconic YSR/CBN political life imagining a fictional friendship/professional rivalry between them and registered it under the copyrights act."

Deva Katta added, "I have also registered multiple versions of this script since 2017. The "idea" is being hijacked by some ppl here over several "party talks" but hope they limit their fiction to the public domain and don't invite any legal action by copying any of my registered themes/scenes! This script was first written as 3 part film inspired by Godfather, which I later converted into a web series format. Our team have pitched this idea to some major OTT platforms and our legal team is closely following up with this news!"

Vishnu Vardhan Induri
Vishnu Vardhan InduriSocial media

Deva Katta also alleged that Vishnu Vardhan Induri had stolen another script written by him earlier. He wrote, "Earlier this same person stole another script I pitched directly and made a disaster out of it!! This time I won't let him toil another exciting script out of sheer respect for YSR gaaru and CBN gaaru!!"

Deva Katta appeared on a TV channel to talk about Vishnu Vardhan Induri's plagiarism ride August 12. Before this, he wrote, "Going to put forward all the undeniable proofs/witnesses and sources to shut Vishnu Induri's lies once for all, exposing his plagiarism riding on other people's money and ideas in Sakshi live today at 4:30 pm. Check it out!"

Later, Deva Katta added, "Vishnu Induri cannot affect my efforts or perspectives about these stories any which way!! My effort is only to caution about these party hopping idea skimmers to all d writers ou there!! Will be done with this topic once fr all today and go back to my work!! Singing "Mangalam" to this Vishnu Induri topic in the last and final live on TV5 at 10 pm tonite!"