The densely populated areas of Kabul were hit by massive explosions in which at least five people were killed and 21 injured after 14 rockets hit various parts of Afghanistan capital Kabul on Saturday morning. 

Visuals on social media showed several vehicles being damaged and injured people being taken away for treatment. Some of the wounded in this morning's rocket attacks in Kabul were taken to Emergency Hospital in Kabul.

Kabul Rocket attack

Blasts hit populated areas, leave residents devastated 

The survivors of the attack shared their heart-wrenching story on social media, "We survived the rocket attack on Kabul. Took my 2 months old daughter, marched my wife to the kitchen and tucked my baby in my arms with the fridge. 10 mins of agonizing chances taken. When each rocket was fired, I'd say "no god please no not today my daughter is still a baby."

Another shared a video of schoolgirls running for their lives, and said, "This is how we start our morning. This is how we start on the first day of the week. Full of fear. Full of screaming. Full of disappointment. Full of horror. From several rockets hit Kabul this morning, one of them hit girls' school creating this chaos."

Another shared visuals from his car and tweeted, "I was just 40-50 meters far from rocket hitting in Pul-e-Mahmood Khan area. Photo from inside the car. More than 10 rockets hitted in different areas of Kabul city."

Kabul attack
@SamimRahim/ Twitter

More about the Kabul rocket attack

The explosions took place in the heavily fortified Green Zone where many embassies and international firms are based, according to AFP. The Afghan media reported blasts in residential areas too.

Kabul Police spokesperson Ferdaws Faramarz confirmed "multiple rockets" had been fired, according to AFP. No group has claimed responsibility for the blasts yet.

The Taliban have pledged not to attack urban areas under the terms of a United States withdrawal deal, but the Kabul administration has blamed the insurgents or their proxies for other recent attacks.