A 15-year-old Indian teen, who was punished by parents denying her a mobile phone for low grades in school, has disappeared three days ago. 

While the worried parents rushed to the police and filed a report about their missing daughter on Thursday, it took nearly three days for the search to zero in on the girl who hawent missing after her mobile phone was confiscated by her parents, was found hours later hiding on the rooftop of their Dubai home, police said on Saturday. The girl was reported missing since Thursday morning after she was punished for scoring lowgrades.

A schoolgirl studies during a morning class in a primary classroomReuters

Harini Karani disappeared during her morning walk on Thursday morning, Gulf news reported.

Hiding on rooftop

According to a Dubai police official, the girl was hiding on the rooftop of her parent's house in Umm Suqiem as she was "feeling sad after her parents took away her phone as a kind of punishment" after she scored low in school.

"The family alerted the police about their missing daughter, even as they rushed and sought people's help by sharing the incident on social media platforms. Her parents were afraid that their daughter might harm herself," the official added.

Dubai police managed to solve the mystery within a few hours and found the girl hiding on the rooftop on Thursday night. Harini is a student of a British curriculum school in Al Barsha.