Humans have been trying to decode the mysteries surrounding death since the day the species achieved consciousness. Even though medical experts consider death the end of human life, spiritualists, quoting religious textbooks claim that a human being will continue the journey in a different realm after taking the last breath. Many people believe that death is a painful and gruesome phenomenon where the alleged soul will depart the physical body forever. However, a new near-death experience testimonial shared by a woman named Leila claims that death is a moment where people will feel the disappearance of fear and negativity. 

Fear and negativity disappear during the final moments

In the testimonial shared on the Near-Death Experience Research Foundation (NDERF) website, Leila revealed that she reached a dark room after temporary death due to liver failure. Similar to other near-death experience testimonials, Leila also claimed to have seen bright light during the final moments. 

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"I knew that I was dead. It was dark in the room, but I could see light. I was fearful at first, but the closer I got to the light. my feelings started changing. All fear and negativity disappeared. I did not walk into the light, yet it felt like I was being pulled into it; it was like being slowly sucked into the light. This light was so bright, yet it wasn't blinding and it didn't hurt my eyes. The light was soft and comfortable but brighter than looking at the sun," wrote Leila on the NDERF website

The non-physical part of a human life

The testimonial shared by Leila has now gone viral on online spaces, and it has made several people believe that life after death could be real. There are several medical experts too who believe that there could be a non-physical part of human life. 

A few weeks back, Dr Bruce Greyson, professor emeritus in psychiatry at the University of Virginia had suggested near-death experiences have changed people's attitudes, values, beliefs, and behaviors. He also suggests that human life is not confined to the physical body

"I am convinced now, after doing this for 40, 50 years, that there is more to life than just our physical bodies. I recognize that there is a non-physical part of us. Is that spiritual? I'm not sure. Spirituality usually involves a search for something greater than yourself, for meaning and purpose in the universe. Well, I certainly have that," said Greyson.