Dear Comrade
Vijay Devarakonda in Dear Comrade.PR Handout

The Tamil version of Dear Comrade has opened to fairly positive reviews from the audience and critics. While the message and the performances of the lead actors are the highlights, the inconsistent screenplay is the major drawback of the multilingual film, which has Vijay Devarakonda and Rashmika Mandanna in the leads.

The story of Dear Comrade revolves around hot-headed student union leader named Bobby played by Vijay Devarakonda and Lily, a state-level cricket player. His violent streaks become a threat to their love story as Lily, who lost his brother in one such violent incident, is unwilling to continue her relationship with him. What follows next should be seen on-screen.

Dear Comrade is packed with lots of emotions. It does not have one-sided story with surprises at regular intervals. The conflicts of the two characters have been presented with sensitivity for which director Bharat Kamma deserves appreciation. The movie has some powerful one-liners and a strong message. Justin Prabhakaran's music is one of the high points of the Vijay Devarakonda and Rashmika Mandanna's film.

However, the screenplay fails to hold the viewers' attention and poor climax is a big letdown. The dubbing quality of the Tamil version is also not up to the mark. Despite all the odds, it is a one-time watch, say Kollywood cine-goers. Check out their tweets below:

Sreedhar Pillai: #DearComrade 3/5. Lovely with a subtle message from Dir #BharatKamma & fab camera #SujithSarang.
@TheDeverakonda as fiery student with a violent streak & madly in love is awesome.
@iamRashmika in a intense role is a revelation. Drawback 1st & 2nd half looks different & too long.

Sidhu: #DearComrade: Hat tip to @justin_tunes for his incredible effort. Definitely one of the best albums of the year, and that's proved further when the starting bit of Pularaadha gets more claps and whistles than VD or Rashmika's entry! #DearComrade: Saw it in Tamil (was doubtful about subs for Telugu), and was pleasantly surprised to see the transition done well. Neat dubbing, prop edits and little changes made to suit it to the audience. Cheers to the guy who dubbed for @TheDeverakonda #DearComrade: The film is strong in setting up the tale of Bobby and Lilly, doing it through lovable situations and some fantastic dialogues. When the two conflicts collide, it loses some focus and gets elongated in the process. Still, held together by VD and Rashmika.
#DearComrade: A refreshing, mostly effective tale that comes with special performances, great music and cinematography. The second half may not be everybody's cup of tea but it does get its relationships right and stands up for the theme. Very good film. #DearComrade Interval: So good. A charming, heartfelt love story progressing through the amazing pair of
@TheDeverakonda and @iamRashmika . Lot of moments that put a smile on our face, and it gets better thanks to the fabulous music!

Haricharan Pudipeddi: #DearComrade is both beautiful (mostly) and problematic (at places) with some pacing issues. A well narrated tale of love, companionship and healing.
@TheDeverakonda is terrific and it's not surprising but this film belongs to @iamRashmika, who is unbelievably good.

Prashanth Rangaswamy: #DearComrade tamil - Pathetic Dubbing. Movie very very slow. Second half holds. Mass scenes of
@TheDeverakonda and emotional scenes of @iamRashmika - Really enjoyed. An one time watch . Go without any expectations.
#DearComrade Interval - Bobby Lilly, Lilly Bobby . Summaa devadas kaalathu kathal, enna maari perusugalukku lighta manda kaayuthu.