Ramya trolled for showering good words on a Tamil song.PR Handout

Ever since Darshan Thoogudeepa and his wife's arrest, very few celebs have come out to speak on the matter. After Ram Gopal Varma, Divya Spandana is the latest celeb to thank police for doing their job. She also added that no one should go around killing people and there is a law or a legal route that should be taken to deal with trolls.

Darshan and Ramya
Ramya, Darshan.PR Handout

Divya's long note

Divya Spandana took to social media and wrote, "The police in Karnataka [with multiple salute emojis] (sic)." She also shared a note and wrote, "No one should take law in to their hands. You don't go around beating up people and killing them. A simple complaint would suffice whether you believe justice will be served or not."

"A word of appreciation and respect for the police officers discharging their duties. It's a thankless job. And they're doing their best. I truly hope they don't succumb to pressure from political parties and reinstate the faith of the people in law and justice," she further added.

Ram Gopal VarmaTwitter

Ram Gopal Varma calls out star worship

Prior to her, Ram Gopal Varma had also taken to social media to call out the 'star worship syndrome'. "A star using one die hard fan to kill another die hard fan who was interfering in his personal life is a fit example of the bizarreness of the star worship syndrome ..Fans wanting to order how their stars should run their lives is a unavoidable side effect of the same syndrome (sic)."

Sanjjanaa Galrani
Sanjjanaa Galrani.Social Media Site

Sanjjanaa Galrani condemns the attack

On the other hand, Darshan's co-actor, Sanjjanaa Galrani, came out to support the actor and called his arrest a 'doomsday'. "This has been a black day for us yesterday, and it's been like a doomsday for the Kannada industry. He is demigod figure in the Kannada industry. It's very early to jump the gun. When something like this happens with a celebrity, if there is a 5% allegation, it becomes a 500% allegation. We must respect the legal process and not jump to conclusions," she told NDTV.