Like the dangerous pass-out or choking challenge shocked the world, a new trend from China is an accident waiting to happen. Several videos have cropped up on social media showing young children dropping live firecrackers into manholes, triggering an explosion. What's worrisome is how these kids are putting themselves in harm's way as videos show children being flung into the air as impact from an explosion.

Surprisingly this isn't an isolated incident and has been going on for a while now. In one such incident captured on CCTV cameras, a young boy can be seen being pushed with strong force as he was standing on the manhole lid after dropping a live firecracker inside. Even the Chinese media had reported the incident and said the blast was so powerful, the child was catapulted about 3 meters into the air. This was last October. But the trend hasn't stopped.

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Accident waiting to happen

A similar incident was captured on camera, showing 3 children dropping a firecracker into the manhole. As one kid backs away quickly, one kid is sent flying into the air and another one gets knocked to the ground.

According to reports, last month alone, there were as many as five manhole explosions in China. The manhole covers were sent flying at least 5 meters high. No injuries have been reported from these incidents, but it is just an accident waiting to happen if the trend continues.

What is the reason behind explosion?

Firecracker manufacturing factory. Diwali
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While the exact reason for the sudden explosions remain unknown, such incidents usually occur after methane is released from the sewage and catches fire from a live firecracker. This is the best explanation considering similar incidents have taken place during Chinese New year, when people use firecrackers to celebrate and have triggered such manhole explosions.