Ankita Lokhande and her mother-in-law
Ankita Lokhande and her mother-in-lawInstagram

Ankita Lokhande and her mother-in-law's relationship went through a lot of ups and downs inside the Bigg Boss house. While Ankita was at loggerheads with her husband inside the house, outside the house her mother-in-law kept taking digs at her in various interviews. Even inside the house, Ranjana Jain didn't seem to be in a mood to spare her actress daughter-in-law.

Ankita Lokhande and her mother-in-law
Ankita Lokhande and her mother-in-lawInstagram

Ankita's temple visit with mil

Ever since the two came out of the house, both Ankita and her mother-in-law have been saying the nicest things about one another. The Veer Savarkar actress recently took to social media to share a video of her temple visit with Vicky Jain's mother. She added that these temple visits have enriched their bond and mutual support for one another.

Touching post

"Spending time with my mamma (mother-in-law) has been a truly enriching experience. Our relationship has grown stronger through our shared moments, especially during our visits to the temple. These moments of togetherness have fostered a sense of mutual respect and love, making our relationship even more special. I am grateful for the time we spend together, as it brings joy and a deeper understanding of each," the former Bigg Boss contestant wrote.

Ankita Lokhande Apologises To Mom-In-Law Ranjana Jain
Ankita Lokhande Apologises To Mom-In-Law Ranjana JainInstagram

Netizens mock the act

However, netizens were not in a mood to let it pass this easily. Many took to the comments section on Ankita's post to share their thoughts and opinions. "What all one has to do for social media acceptance," wrote a user. "We have all seen the bond you two have inside the BB house," another social media user commented.

"What is that camera doing inside the temple?" asked a social media user. "Damage control mode for Ankita and mother-in-law," another social media user opined. Amid Ankita and her mil's temple visit, there are rumours of Vicky Jain being approached for Bigg Boss OTT 3.