Syed Sujjad

India is a country with over a billion cricket fans. Most children in the country grow up aspiring to play the sport. The fame national cricketers enjoy is second to none. Where getting to meet and click photographs with them is a huge thing, a cricket fan from a small-town of Kolar on the outskirts of Bangalore scripted an unheard journey.

Syed Sujjad an ardent cricket fan, from working in a leading shoe manufacturing company went on to build a successful company working in the cricket-media industry. Through CricTracker, one of the most popular cricket platforms in India, Sujjad have not just achieved his dream of covering the sport as his profession but also scaled to a level where he's been able to work with cricketers in a professional capacity.

CricTracker boasts of having one of the largest fan base for a digital sports media publisher in the subcontinent. Their expertise with the most important form of media in today's day and age, helped them engage with some of the biggest names in the cricket industry.

CricTracker has managed digital media handles and commercial engagements for some of the most loved international and domestic cricketers over the years.

Founded in 2013, CricTracker covers all the forms of cricket at all levels played around the globe. The platform and its social media handle on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube cater to millions of fans daily, publishing a wide range of cricket-related content. The expanse and depth of their coverage have been the prime reason for the company's success over the years.


A youth powered organization; it has provided passionate cricket fans with the opportunity to actually make watching cricket their profession. Theirs is a compact team that packs quite a punch. With little or no professional experience in the industry under their belt, the entire team has managed to achieve a never heard before the level of success.

CricTracker from being three guys working remotely from their homes in different parts of the country has a full-time team working in Bangalore and other parts of the country along with a network of freelancers. It has also brought them immense fame and recognition at various levels.

In just about half a decade, Team CricTracker looks well set to attain something larger than most could dare to imagine. With a stable and growing monthly readership of over 30 million on the website and multifold more user engagement on their social media channels. CricTracker today is among the most agile and formidable content creators in the cricket space not just in India but across.