Cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar rarely loses his cool, but when he does, he makes sure to make twitter erupt. Well, not intentionally, but the immense love for the 'master blaster' makes fans do so. 

On Friday morning, Tendulkar, who is participating in the Cricket All Stars in the United States, lashed out at the revered airline British Airways on the social media platform after one of his family members' waitlisted ticket wasn't confirmed, and the concerned person's luggage was messed up.

That wasn't all. What actually made twitter go wild was the spontaneous auto-reply from the official handle of the airlines.

The British Airways twitter account reverted to Tendulkar asking him to DM (Direct Message) the baggage reference number and his full name and details. And that's where the problem started. It didn't go down well with the millions of twitter users and they slammed the airlines for not knowing Tendulkar's full name.

It isn't clear whether the skipper of 'Sachin's Blasters' sent a DM to the official account of British Airways, but the 'little master' did indeed give the airline much glory on the day by making them trend worldwide.

Check out the full twitter action below:

The blast from twitterati: