Be it Covidiot or Zoom-bombing, we've all come across some weird and new slangs during the cornteen while we took sips of quarantini and discreetly judged a few folks who were acting like a total moronavirus during a dull virtual happy hour. None of the words used here are in error as people learned more than a few coronavirus slangs as they were locked up in their homes for several months. If you're feeling left out of the fun and wish to use these slangs without embarrassing yourself, here's a handbook you can refer to.

Coronavirus slangs and their meanings

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Covidiot and Moronavirus: This is a quite popular slang used to insult someone who flouts health safety guidelines in view of coronavirus. Mass gatherings, flouting social distance, not washing hands - all account for being Covidiot or Moronavirus.

Cornteen: It's an intentional misspelling of quarantine and often used in a jovial sense.

Quarantini and Coronarita: These terms picked up pace towards the mid-term of the lockdown when people just wanted to enjoy a dry martini during quarantine (quarantini) or margarita served with Corona-branded beer (Coronarita).

Corona and Rona: Both mean the same and they are informal shortening of the word coronavirus. These terms are often used in a less serious tone - unlike the havoc caused by COVID-19.

Doom-scrolling: It is a slang used for compulsive surfing of the internet for upsetting news about coronavirus.

Zoom-bombing: If you did not guess this already, it's photo-bombing on a video call. Since Zoom video-conferencing app grew in popularity during lockdown, the term zoom-bombing aptly gained traction. This is basically disrupting an ongoing meeting uninvited.

Quarantine and Chill: This is taken after the popular 'Netflix and chill" phrase. With people spending more and more time at homes, "Quarantine and Chill" became the new trend on social media.


Coronials, Quaranteens, Coronababies: Well, with all that time under lockdown, if you manage to conceive, this is the term people are using for the babies. Like millennials, kids growing up during COVID-19 could be coronials.

Covidivorce: If the quarantine wasn't favourable to couples who headed for divorce, Covidivorce is the word that's being used.

Zumping: It's another word for couples dumping each other during coronavirus lockdown. Since the break-ups happen over Zoom, the term Zumping gained quite a bit of popularity.

Coronacation: With schools and colleges shut during the coronavirus lockdown, students enjoying this extended vacation are calling it Coronacation, which by the way is slowly coming to an end.