A CVIODIOT - an Infosys employee in Bengaluru - has been arrested by the City Crime Branch over his social media post urging people to join hands and spread the deadly coronavirus which has killed more than 27,000 people and infected nearly six lakh across the world, including hundreds in India. The man, identified as Mujeeb Mohammad, had posted "Let's join hands, go out and sneeze with open mouth in public. Spread the virus" on Facebook.


The CCB was quick in taking note of the shocking social media post and detained him. Sandeep Patil, Joint Commissioner (CCB, Bengaluru) said that a case has also been registered against him post urging people to spread the highly contagious COVID-19 virus.

"The person who put this post, saying people should go out and sneeze and spread the virus, has been detained. His name is Mujeeb and he works in a software company. A case has been registered," Patil said.

Infosys says post against firm's code of conduct

Following his arrest, his firm Infosys conducted an internal inquiry and terminated the COVIDIOT from his job, saying that his post was against the company's commitment to responsible social sharing.

"Infosys has completed its investigation on the social media post by one of its employees and we believe that this is not a case of mistaken identity," the company said in a statement shared on Twitter.

"The social media post by the employee is against Infosys' code of conduct and its commitment to responsible social sharing. Infosys has a zero-tolerance policy towards such acts and has accordingly, terminated the services of the employee," the statement added.


The COVID-19 pandemic has killed more than 27,000 people across the world. The deadly coronavirus has infected more than 5,97,000 people with the US surpassing Italy and China to have the highest number of positive cases.

The coronavirus is also spreading rapidly in India even as the country has enforced a nation-wide lockdown and completely shut the road, rail and air traffic. The country has registered 149 new cases of coronavirus infection in the past 24 hours, taking the total number to 873. So far, 19 people have died and at least 70 patients have recovered.