The second wave of coronavirus has already waned in India, and authorities are ramping up the vaccination program before the onset of the third wave. And now, it has been reported that an Indian doctor based in Mumbai has been tested positive for Covid infection in the last 13 months. Interestingly, Dr Shrusthi Halari, who worked at the Mulund Covid Centre in Mumbai was tested positive twice after receiving both doses of coronavirus vaccine. 

Swab samples of the doctor collected

Swab samples of Halari have been now collected for genome sequencing, and it will help to understand more about re-infection even after receiving both the shots of the coronavirus vaccine. 

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Reports state that close contactees of the doctor including her father, mother, and brother have also contracted the virus. It should be noted that they were infected this month, and all of them have already received both the doses of Covid vaccine. 

Doctor confused about repeated infections

Halari said, "The reinfections are confusing". The doctor also made it clear that her third infection was quite unexplainable, as she was mostly at home preparing for post-graduation with very little chance of getting exposed to the virus. Halari also noted that a test for Covid antibodies in the blood has also returned positive results. 

Halari initially contracted coronavirus with mild symptoms in June last year when she was working at the Veer Savarkar Hospital in Mumbai. She was tested positive for the second time this May, and later, she again contracted the virus in July this year. 

"I suffered more the third time. My brother and mother have diabetes and my father has hypertension and cholesterol problems. My brother had difficulty breathing, so he was kept on oxygen for two days," said Halari, NDTV reports.