Not long after a shocking video surfaced showing PPE-clad workers dumping COVID-19 bodies into a large pit in Karnataka, another video has surfaced online showing how a dead body of COVID-19 victim was mishandled. The incident took place in Yadgir in Karnataka, raising questions from netizens who ask if this is the standard operating procedure.

The one-minute video shows two PPE-clad workers carrying a single COVID-19 dead body, which is fully wrapped in a black sealed bag. The body of a senior citizen, who died on Monday, is dragged and dumped into a pit. The incident, which took place on Tuesday, was captured on a mobile phone and was extensively shared on social media, drawing flak from netizens. The inhumane and disrespectful nature of the act is similar to what happened in Bellari, as a result of which 6 workers have been suspended.

COVID19 body mishandeled
COVID19 body mishandeled

Who was the victim?

In the Yadgir incident, the victim was a resident of Siravar in Raichur district. He had complained of breathing problems on Monday, and was admitted to Raichur Institute of Medical Sciences. According to the Raichur District Commissioner, R Venkatesh, the victim was dead on arrival and his body was sent to Yadgir for testing.

The deceased's family received threats if they brought the body to perform last rites, when they had to ask the authorities to perform the last rites in the farm owned by the victim, Times of India reported.

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Mishandling of COVID dead bodies

Shockingly, several incidents of workers mishandling the COVID dead bodies have come to the fore. Besides Bellary, officials in Davengere were seen using a JCB to lift the dead bodies of COVID patients and dumping them into a pit. All these incidents have taken place in the presence of senior district officials.

Responding to the Bellary incident, Congress leader DK Shivkumar tweeted: "It's disturbing to see bodies of COVID-19 patients who have died being dumped inhumanly into a pit in Ballari. Is this civility? This is a reflection of how the govt has handled this Corona crisis. I urge the govt to take immediate action and ensure that this doesn't happen again."