Finally, light has started appearing closer at the end of the tunnel, as the latest statistics from Israel reveal that just 0.06 percent of the people who received coronavirus are sick. The new data released by the Maccabi Healthcare Services strongly indicate that the COVID vaccine developed by Pfizer is highly effective in controlling the pandemic.

Coronavirus vaccine works magic

According to the latest statistics, only 254 individuals out of the 416,900 who received two shots of the Pfizer vaccine are sick. It should be noted that people who were infected with the virus only had mild symptoms, and according to the latest statistics, only four of them are hospitalized. 

Covishield Vaccine

In the meantime, during the same period of time, 12,944 new cases of COVID-19 emerged in the control group of 778,000 who are having diverse health profiles. When researchers compared both these data, they came to the conclusion that the coronavirus vaccine developed by Pfizer is almost 91 percent effective seven days or more after receiving the second shot. Earlier, Pfizer had claimed that the efficacy rate of their vaccine is 95 percent. 

Delaying the second shot of coronavirus vaccine

PFIZER  vaccine

A few days back, a study conducted by researchers at Oxford University has found that the decision of the United Kingdom to delay the second shot of coronavirus developed by Astra Zeneca and the University of Oxford could be a highly effective move. Researchers made this conclusion after noting that the first dose of vaccine is highly effective in preventing the symptomatic infection of coronavirus.

Experts who took part in the study also found that the efficacy rate also rose dramatically with a longer interval between the first and second shots of the COVID-19 vaccine. 

"The vaccine efficacy is higher at longer prime-boost intervals, and that a single dose of the vaccine is 76% effective from 22- to up to 90-days post-vaccination," wrote the researchers in the study report.