Courtesy: Reuters

It seems the US economy is faltering again as coronavirus infections started surging against in several states in the country. Medical experts believe that a second coronavirus wave has already hit the Sunbelt states in the US, and if the trend goes like this, the country will face another economic shut down in the coming days.

Less fear, and cries for civil liberty

However, this time, the fear is not much higher as it was in March, as people now know more about the nature of the deadly pandemic. However, this knowledge has a grey side, as people tend to violate social distancing rules, in an attempt to restart the faltered economy. Moreover, several people believe that the compulsory order to use masks are violating their civil rights.

Awaiting Lockdown 2.0?

As the United States showed signs of flattening the coronavirus curve, several states eased the lockdown measures, and people started returning to their normal lives. However, these relaxations negatively affected the pandemic containment measures in the country, and soon positive cases started surging up in several states.

According to medical experts, states, where the pandemic has subsided, should follow strict measures to prevent a possible outbreak that could happen in the near future. Universal mask usage, plentiful testing, prompt contact tracing and isolation of the infected are considered the best strategies to prevent the outbreak of the coronavirus second wave in states that have successfully flattened the curve.

In the meantime, Donald Trump, during the briefing on Tuesday had revealed that coronavirus cases in the country could surge in the coming days. He had also urged everyone to wear masks and to maintain proper social distancing to combat a possible community spread of the virus. 

"It will probably, unfortunately, get worse before it gets better. Whether you like the mask or not, they have an impact. I am getting used to mask," said Trump.