As coronavirus scare is looming up in all nooks of the world, a video shared by an Indian boy in August 2019 has now gone viral on social media platforms. In the video shared by a YouTube channel named Conscience, a boy who claims to have studied astrology claims that the world will face tension due to various problems.

Indian boy's prediction

In the video, the boy predicts that the year 2020 will witness tensions between Iran and the United States. Interestingly, Iran's major general Qasem Soleimani was murdered by the United States forces in January.

coronavirus prediction
Indian boy predicting world eventsYouTube: Conscience

The boy went on and revealed that China will face serious problems in 2020, and many people believe that the boy was referring to the recent Covid-19 outbreak. He also added that war using biological weapons will be triggered this year, and people have started arguing that Coronavirus could be most probably a well-engineered bio-weapon.

The boy also warned that the automobile and aviation industry will face a huge setback in 2020. However, he made it clear that all these dreaded events will come to an end by the end of April 2020. In the video, the boy also hinted at the possibility of a nuclear hit on China.

The video uploaded by this YouTube channel has now gained immense popularity, and people have started sharing their thoughts about the predictions made by this little boy.

"People need to wake up. This is a spiritual warfare. The universe is cleansing the earth and breaking down the matrix. Have faith everyone and keep the prayers up. This is light against dark. We choose light," commented Sarah Kamal, a YouTube user.

"This kid should be protected at all cost, before Illuminati is taking him," commented Bachata Heat, another YouTuber.

Did Nostradamus predict the coronavirus outbreak?

A few days back, a section of conspiracy theorists had claimed that ancient French seer Nostradamus had predicted the outbreak of coronavirus. As per these conspiracy theorists, Nostradamus had talked about a deadly virus outbreak in 2020, and they believe that this pandemic is nothing other than Covid-19.