A lawyer residing in Bengaluru alleged on social media that the wife of an IPS officer who has tested positive for COVID-19 spat on her and intimidated her. This happened on Monday (June 29) after the lawyer had told her and her child not to make noise at 8 pm at night. Apart from sending cops to the woman's house to intimidate her, when confronted the IPS Officer's wife spat on her.

The IPS officer in question Ajay Hilori is also being probed in relation to being involved in the IMA Ponzi Scheme, the corruption scandal which has been in the news since 2019. The lawyer has posted the incident on Facebook and has approached City Police Commissioner Bhaskar Rao, IPS about the situation.

Rajasthan IPS officer
The action against the IPS officer of Rajasthan cadre was taken for establishing relations with another woman with whom he had a child.Reuters

Lawyer shares ordeal on Facebook

The situation with regard to COVID-19 has been tense in Bengaluru, especially with a shocking rise in cases. However, this has meant that the conduct of people with regard to social distancing has also changed, the biggest threat is to threaten infection. What happens when those in uniform act irresponsibly?

IPS Officer Ajay Hilori's wife has been accused of abusing the power to intimidate a lawyer in Bengaluru. The officer is already being probed in the infamous IMA Ponzi Scheme since 2019, and an ongoing CBI enquiry. However, the officer has tested positive for COVID-19 as well.

IMA scam
People gathered in front of AS Convention Hall in Shivajinagar, Bengaluru to file complaint against IMA ponzi schemeAmal Rasheedali

The lawyer subjected to the disgraceful behaviour had posted about the incident on Facebook. The alumni of National Law University spoke of the events that occurred on Monday, "Ajay Hilori IMA scam fame lives two stories below our house. His kid (probably around 8) was screeching loudly while playing to such a point that I had politely informed his mother, and the kid to not make noise from my balcony, two stories above." 

Lawyer Vandana Sudha Venkatesh further wrote, "What followed was eight police officers came to our home and yelled at us citing child abuse and two recorded me without my consent. When I went to their house to ask them not to use such intimidation tactics, Mrs. Hilori (whose husband is COVID positive), spat on my face (yes, I emphasise COVID positive) and called me R****, k******, k**** and a b****."

Vandana told The News Minute that she had gotten in touch with City Bhaskar Rao, who will send an officer to have the complaint registered. 

On the other hand, Ajay Hilori's wife Honey Hilori filed a complaint with the Commercial Street Police station, in her complaint she said that Venkatesh was the one who had first abused her, following which the IPS officer's wife had contacted the police station, policemen then went to Vandana's house to reprimand her. However, at 5:45 PM the lawyer had confronted Vandana and Honey claims that she 'abused' and 'threatened' her with dire consequences. 

Ajay Hilori is currently under treatment for COVID-19 at Manipal Hospital.