Dr Jitendra at the sessionTwitter

The coronavirus pandemic came unprecedented and changed the way we do things. With schools and colleges resorting to the virtual way of teaching, Phase II of the IAS professional course has to be conducted online for the first time due to the coronavirus pandemic gripping the entire world. The program is conducted in Mussoorie every year but not this time.

The inaugural session was conducted on Monday for the trainee officers. Dr Jitendra Singh, Union Minister of State (Ind Charge) for Development of North Eastern Region. MoS PMO, Govt. of India, spoke at the session. Others, who were a part of the session were, Director of Lal Bhadaur Shastri National Academy of Administration Dr Sanjeev Chopra, Sports Coordinator Prof Sudhashu, and Monika Dhami, Assistant Sports Coordinator.

Dr Jitendra stated that everyone was meeting under strange circumstances under the shadow of Corona and wished a virtual good morning to the trainees.

185 officer trainees present for the online session

He added that about 185 officer trainees were present for the inaugural online session. Some from 2018 batch and few from 2017 IAS batch with some from Bhutan too.

He stated that it is time that India learnt the demarcation between real and unreal. "But at the end of the day, we are real souls listening to each other and talking to each other through the medium of electronic devices. Nostalgia and Déjà vu has hit many of us as we inaugurate the session. Being part of the Alma Mater is a different feeling and this is an entirely different experience as the trainees won't get trained under the cool climes of Mussoorie," Dr Jitendra said.

The IAS officers and trainees did not seem very elated with this. There were all sorts of responses on the Phase II training planned online.

Mir A, IAS, posted on Twitter, "My sympathies w/ the current IAS batch doing its Phase2 online. Phase2 is a segment every trainee looks forward to. The last time you meet as a batch, fresh with stories from 'District Training', a foreign study tour on the cards. Also the time when Mussoorie is at its heavenliest."

Prudhvitej, who seemed to be one of the trainees, tweeted, "Foreign Study Tour is a distant dream now sir. Had plans to do some beautiful treks around Mussoorie. COVID-19 is most virulent when it comes to killing plans."

On Sunday he said, "Phase-2 of IAS Professional training starts tomorrow. Dreading the online classes already. I feel for the children who are being forced to attend online classes."

Sree Harsha Koya, "Everyone, except the participants, say this is a great idea...."

Katyayani Sanjay Bhatia, who is a commissioner, tweeted, "We have crossed nearly 70 working days of online training. Slightly smiling face and 100 days of training from home! Welcome!"

Though, the idea did not seem to break the ice with the trainees but this is how the world has to now function.

Dr Jitendra further added that India has the capacity to carry on with the show and people needed to reorient themselves in a short span of time and Corona will learn how to live with Indians.