The Indian Government has courted a controversy by honouring singer Adnan Sami with the Padma Shri award. The opposition is questioning how the centre can honour the son of a Pakistani Army man who killed Indian soldiers.

The Narendra Modi-led government announced the highest civilian honours of the country recently. While people from different walks of life received the awards for their contribution to Indian society, one name making big noise in the at the moment was of singer Adnan Sami. Adnan Sami was conferred with Padma Shri award for his contribution to the Indian music industry.

"I am happy and honoured that a big award has been conferred to me. I am thankful to the people for loving me & my music, I would like to thank the Government of India. The award is a matter of pride for me and my family," the thrilled singer told ANI after receiving the honour.

Adnan Sami says Pakistan should thank India for killing terrorists.

But the opposition was quick to criticize the government's decision. The Congress party called the move a 'magic of chamchagiri'. They said that Adnan Sami's father was a professional soldier in the Pakistani military. Per se that is no reflection on his son. But would the right-wing apply the same generosity to anyone else of accomplishment linked to the Pakistan Army? It is their hypocrisy that steers criticism, not Sami.

The opposition's criticism has led to a war of words between the supports of both right and left wings. The right-wing supports have five reasons which qualify singer Adnan Sami for the Padma Shri award.

1. Sonia Gandhi's equation with Adnan Sami

Born in Italy, Sonia Gandhi is the President of India's leading political party - Congress. She is an MP and qualified to become the Prime Minister of the country if her party gains a majority. If she enjoys these privileges, why can't Adnan Sami - who has contributed a lot to Indian music - be honoured with Padma Shri? Netizens have raised the question.

Vinodhari @Vinodhari2

If Sonia with no virtues and value add to india, can get citizenship, become cong president, vie to b PM of india, y not an artist who has many credits get padmasri? If Rajdeep Sardesai can get one, anyone is worthy of it

Anurag @ianuragsaxena

Congress says Indian citizen singer Adnan Sami can't get Padma Sri as he was from Pakistan But Sonia Gandhi an Italian can become their boss and her children can become their super bosses ‍♀️

The lazy cook @thelazycook

Sonia Gandhi's parents were Hitler and Mussolini's sympathisers. Is it stopping her from being the president of congress party and an MP in india? Why is your secularism and citizenship stand is always so vague?

2. Adnan Sami is an Indian citizen

Adnan Sami is the son of a Pakistani soldier, but he was humiliated by the people of the country because he was a Shia. Hence, he sought citizenship in India and is a citizen of this country.

J.Jyot @j_jyot87

I fail to understand why @AdnanSamiLive doesn't have sympathy 4 those of his faith who'd hv 2 go through an arduous procedure 2 gt citizenship, lyk he did , just because of their religion & the choice of their fathers while others get a preferencial pass based on their religion.

Nikhil Kulkarni @nikhilkulkwadhe

Despite his father being war hero the pakis illtreated sami because he was a Shia. He got citizenship cos of that. If you are still in good terms with Pak army and ask to treat you with respect it's not gonna happen. Understand this O Lord of the highest order of hypocrisy

3. Adnan Sami proved his love for India and is no threat to the country

Adnan Sami has publicly proved his love and loyalty towards India. He is a true patriot of this country and was not involved in activities threatening India's sovereignty.

A Tikku @atikku

I dont think it is hypocrisy. @AdnanSamiLive has publicly proved his love and loyalty towards #india, so what is wrong in embracing him as a patriotic Indian? Cant say the same for many others who have openly sabotaged India!

OutofBorder @BaliKaFukra

Yes it will...given that they are not involved in activities threatening India's sovereignty. Other than that, if they are good at their job and express their gratitude to India for providing them a platform, they will be accepted wholeheartedly! That's Indian Right wing for you!

4. Adnan Sami's contribution to Indian music industry

Adnan Sami has made an immense contribution to Indian cinema. He has sung hundreds of songs for many Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Assamese and Marathi movies. Many of his songs have been hit with the audience and he enjoys a huge fanbase in the country.

Rajesh Sharma @rajeshsharma197

Sami was flooded with offers and work in India during the entire last 2 decades and released one album after the other, minting bucks. You had no issues with paki soldiers' son an a pak citizen being able to do that here. But you criticise when he is Indian. WHY NOW-WHY NOT THEN?

Rofl Gandhi 2.0 @RoflGandhi_

If you judge Adnan Sami for his father's actions against India, he doesn't deserve Padma Shri. But if you judge him purely for his own contribution to India, he definitely doesn't deserve it.

Riju Jhunjhunwala @rij79

In all fairness if @AdnanSamiLive get the Padma award it should be solely on his merit and demerit . It's not cool to involve his father into it and that he was in the pak military. It's high time we start looking over only historical stuff. That causes problems #adnansami

5. Why did Congress honour Pakistani poet Faiz Ahmad Faiz with Padma Shri?

Pakistani Urdu poet Faiz Ahmad Faiz, who was an influential Left-wing intellectual and Marxist, was honoured with Padma Shri award during Congress rule. When Congress had no problem then, why is it raising an issue about Adnan Sami being honoured with the same?

Mohan Sinha @Mohansinha

So why is the same bunch who defended Indian-turned Pakistani Faiz Ahmad Faiz and his poetry now abusing Pakistani-turned Indian Adnan Sami and his Padma Shri?