Ayush Soni
Ayush Soni

Content Producer Ayush Soni, a New York City-based NRI, who aims to open a production company to focus on new media content will soon be producing content for NYC's second oldest tavern, White Horse Tavern 1880. The place is famous for being Dylan Thomas's "Watering Hole" before falling ill and dying in 1953. Other famous faces that frequented the place include Bob Dylan, Allen Ginsberg, Jim Morrison, James Baldwin, and many more, he says.

Sharing on the projects in the pipeline, he reveals, "I will be working on tons of commercials and social media content for small and medium sized businesses over the next few years. Currently I am focused on producing micro content, it's extremely challenging to convey a short story. In addition, I will be working on a few music videos and fitness streaming media applications. One of my most exciting projects is for New York City's second oldest tavern, White Horse Tavern. It's more than a hundred years old and I will be producing content for their social media, Imagine the scope of storytelling."

He says he previously worked on brands like Nike, Skechers, Ford and Lyft. His short films have won various awards including Los Angeles Film awards and European Cinematography Awards, he recalls.

When asked whether he will be visiting India for work, he tells, "No plans currently, but in a few years, I will have an office in India, we will focus on producing new media content. That's one of my dreams I need to accomplish."

He has contributed a lot in inspiring fellow Indian/students/dreamers, who are planning to perceive their dream at an International level. "Make plans and stick to them, whether that be a year or a few years. If you want to study, figure out the most inexpensive college and talk to the right people, don't drop $100,000 without research. If you plan to work here, which could be a little bit challenging considering the immigration, figure out the companies that hire immigrants and connect with the people who work in those companies. The best way to reach out would be LinkedIn. Instagram works well in the Art industry. Most importantly, don't give up! It's not the easiest road being an immigrant far from the family, you really need to believe in yourself," he concludes.