Priyanka Chopra from Vogue photoshoot
Priyanka Chopra from Vogue photoshootTwitter

After receiving backlash for calling Sikkim a state 'troubled by insurgency' last year, Priyanka Chopra has yet again sparked a controversy for her photograph on the newly launched calendar of the Assam tourism. Congress legislators described her picture on the calendar as 'immodest' and blamed her for shaming the state's culture.  

Congress MLAs Nandita Das and Rupjyoti Kurmi, on Monday (February 19), rejected the calendar stating that Priyanka flashed an immodest outfit and demanded the removal of the Quantico actress as the brand ambassador of Assam Tourism. They further stated that Priyanka's 'minimal clothes' brought a bad name to the state's culture, adding that frock is not an Assamese attire. 

Watch Congress MLA Rupjyoti Kurmi protesting against Priyanka:

However, netizens are really not in favor of the Congress MLAs' rant against Priyanka.

"I'm born and raised in the most educated country in the world, Canada. We don't learn about Assam here, I learned about Assam from Priyanka," a user wrote in a tweet to extend support to Priyanka.

"I don't endorse the thought of Priyanka Chopra being Assam's tourism mascot but the allegations made by this bashi bazouk is disgusting and runs contrary to Assam's values," another user wrote in response to Rupjyoti Kurmi's views.

"I don't support him.. A tourist to Assam can be dressed like Priyanka & still try a japi.. Will he protest that. Assam is known for broadmindedness and Mr. Kurmi seems to contradict that concept.. Why is he wearing Shirt, an English dress? Why not wearing Chula, cheleng??" an infuriated user wrote on Twitter.

One user, however, liked the idea of removing Priyanka as Assam Tourism Ambassador but he had different reasons for it.

"Well I actually support this cause of removing Priyanka Chopra from Assam Tourism Ambassador but my reason deflects from Congress as to me it seems that she doesn't suit on it in any angle as she hardly bears any knowledge about Assam's region, history & people," the user wrote.

Another user wanted to point out that Assam is famous for many different reasons and not only for Priyanka as the state's brand ambassador.

"Sorry, I assumed u r from India.
Bdw Assam is famous for below reason, not priyanka
Assam tea, hope u drink tea.
Kaziranga and world famous one horn rhino
Oldest oil well in Asia also in Assam.
I m sorry this info is irrelevant if u r page3 person," the user wrote.

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