Fernanda 'Ferny' Vega, a 47-year-old woman from Arizona, United States has succumbed to Covid infection. The woman had refused to take Covid vaccine fearing possible side effects. The mum of four, and grandmother-of-ten contracted the infection from her daughter, and soon she developed a blood clot in her lungs. After battling the infection, she finally died on July 13. 

Vaccine fear claimed the life of Ferny Vega

Ismael Vega, husband of Ferny Vega revealed that they did not receive the vaccine fearing potential side effects, and considering the fact that how quickly pharmaceutical companies have developed the jabs. 

Covid death
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However, after his wife's death, Ismael Vega who is currently recovering from Covid-induced pneumonia revealed that he will receive the coronavirus vaccine soon. He also urged others to receive the jab, as it is the only option to combat the coronavirus pandemic. 

Vaccination: The only option to protect ourselves and our family

"Covid comes out and a year later, there's a vaccine. We didn't know the side effects in the future. I'm going to get the vaccine. Yes, it's not going to cover you 100 percent. But what I experienced, I don't want anyone else to experience this. Everybody has their own choice, but Covid is real and what I went through I don't want to be back there again," said Ismael Vega, news.com.au reports.

Ismael Vega revealed that his wife was okay in the initial days of the Covid infection. However, her condition deteriorated rapidly on July 13. Medical staff soon discovered a lot in her lungs, and she died within an hour. 

"All I did was just hold her hand, massaged her hair, told her how much I missed her. But I saw peace. I didn't see any more pain. The pain was just that she was gone," Ismael Vega told KTAR News.