TaiG iOS 8.3 Jailbreak Tool (Windows) Released for Apple iPhones, iPods, iDevices [Where to Download]
TaiG iOS 8.3 Jailbreak Tool (Windows) Released for Apple iPhones, iPods, iDevices [Where to Download]TaiG website screen-shot

On Tuesday (23 June), Chinese iOS jailbreak developer community TaiG released the untethered jailbreak v8.1.3-8.3 software tool for Apple devices. Now, the complete list of iOS 8.3 jailbreak compatible tweaks has been released online.

A Reddit member, who goes by the moniker MxAxlee, has posted a spreadsheet containing the details of iOS 8.3 jailbreak compatible tweaks numbering close to 30.

The newly introduced TaiG tool v2.0.0 firmware can be used to jailbreak Apple devices via Windows PC. Another version for Mac OS is expected to be rolled out in the coming days.

It is said that the Cydia Substrate (aka Mobile Substrate) is not yet compatible with iOS v8.3 and v8.2. Users are advised to exercise some patience.

Taig announced that software developer Jay Freeman, who goes by the nickname Saurik, will release the patch.

Soon after TaiG's announcement, Jay Freeman said the software patch with compatible Mobile Substrate will be not be updated by him, rather 'jailbreak kernel patch' will be rolled out TaiG in few hours. 

"As @i0n1c noted, a kernel patch (on CS_RESTRICT) is the simple fix for Substrate on iOS 8.3; @taig_jailbreak should have an update out soon," said Jay Freeman via Twitter.

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Users who have already installed the new jailbreak on your Apple devices can still install some compatible tweaks (more will be added as soon as the jailbreak kernel patch arrives).

Here is the list:

Serial No. iOS 8.3 Jailbreak Compatible Tweaks Working Status Version
1 Bridge Yes 1.2.5
2 BytaFont 2 Yes 2.5.6
3 CocoaTop Yes 1.0.0-5
4 CrashReporter Yes 1.9.0-1
5 Disk Pie Yes 1.2
6 FBMostRecent Yes N/A
7 Filza Yes 1.5-211
8 Fortune Yes 1.4
9 iFile Yes 2.1-0.1
10 iModGame Yes ?
11 Kodi Yes N/A
12 Light Untrusted Hosts Blocker Yes 2.2.3
13 Minimal Hosts Blocker Yes 6
14 Mobile Terminal Yes 1.0.2.-2
15 MyWi 8 Yes 8.00.09
16 New Term Yes N/A
17 OpenSSH Yes 6.7p1-12
18 Untrusted Host Blocker Yes 3.3.0
19 WiFipasswords Yes 2.0.3
20 AppInfo Yes 1.6.2
21 Anemone Partial Nightly 163
22 Assitant+ Partial 1.1.0-1
23 BatteryLife Partial 1.6.5
24 Cyadia Enable Partial 3.4
25 f.lux Partial 0.9982+ (beta)
26 iCleaner Pro Partial 7.4.2
27 iconomatic Partial 1.2
28 IntelliScreenX 8 Partial 8.00.13
29 LocationFaker8 Partial 1.1-1
30 MeassgesCustomiser Pro Partial 1.2~beta2
31 XModGames Partial 2.0.1
32 DataMeter Partial 1.2-10
33 3DSwitcher Unknown 1.1-10
34 Auditor Unknown Unknown
35 AutoTocuh For iOS 8 Unknown 3.1.2-1
36 Index Unknown Unknown
37 IneffectivePower Unknown 1.2.4-1
38 KeyboardVibrate8 Unknown 0.0.3-1
39 NoBlur Unknown
40 NoRespringChirp Unknown 0.2
41 PagedSwitcher Unknown 1.0-1
42 Pasithea Unknown 1.1.7
43 PhoneCaller Unknown 1.0.3
44 Stream Enhancer Unknown Unknown
45 SwipeExpander Unknown Unknown
46 SwishSwitcher Unknown 1.0.1
47 TouchID Everywhere Unknown 0.0.1-286
48 Unifaces Unknown Unknown
49 WallRotator Unknown 1.0.3