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Cases have been on an alarming rise in Karnataka. On Monday, Minister of Law, Parliamentary Affairs and Legislation JC Madhuswamy had told the media that Karnataka is seeing transmission of Coronavirus at the community level.

JC Madhuswamy's statement does come at a concerning time for the state. With complaints emerging from many quarters about lack of infrastructure, delay in medical attention, etc. Community transmission only makes matters difficult for all in the state.

Whether there is community transmission of Covid in Karnataka?

So far, there has been much debate about whether there is community transmission of COVID-19 in Karnataka. With authorities keeping an unsteady stance on the matter. However, JC Madhuswamy the Minister of Law, Parliamentary Affairs and Legislation on Monday told the press that community transmission is taking place in Karnataka.

He told reporters, "Medical condition of eight infected with coronavirus admitted in Tumkur COVID Hospital is critical. There is no guarantee of their lives as per the information. We somewhere feel we are worried that coronavirus is spreading at the community level."

What is unique about delirium in COVID 19 patients is that it is now bedevilling patients of all age groups and not just limited to be experienced by older patients. (Picture for representation only)Reuters

The Tumakuru district in-charge minister further elaborated about how the matter has gone beyond the control of district authorities, "We have reached a point where it is difficult for the district authorities to restrain it, even though we are trying to restrain it. Somewhere the situation is going out of hand."

CM BS Yediyurappa himself had said last week that people in Karnataka must learn to 'live with COVID-19', the reality of the alarming spread of the virus seems to have sunk in. Until now the top ministers of the state such as Dr Sudhakar, Deputy CM Ashwath Narayan and the CM himself,  had been keeping a stern silence on community transmission denying the reports emerging from different parts of the state.

So far Karnataka has crossed the 25,000-mark when it comes to cases of Coronavirus with 402 deaths and 10,500 recoveries so far.