"Comedy Nights With Kapil" (CNWK), hosted by Kapil Sharma will soon wrap up the popular show. Kapil Sharma himself confirmed the news adding that the last episode of "Comedy Nights With Kapil" will be aired on 17 January, 2016.

The stand-up comedian cum actor revealed that the reason behind ending the show is differences with Colors TV and putting similar content in another comedy show "Comedy Nights Bachao" on the same channel.

According to Kapil, the channel has been favouring "Comedy Nights Bachao" more and he is not happy with the contents being repeated in the two shows.

"We told them we would go off air in December, but since they didn't have a replacement ready, they requested us to continue till January 17. We started on a good note and put in immense hard work to maintain the quality," Times of India quoted Kapil as confirming.

"We have been successfully entertaining the audience for the past three years with our content. But when our show became a habit for the viewers, they introduced another one on similar lines. Celebrities who readily agreed to come on our show were told that they will have to make an appearance on the other show as well. I understand the pressure on the channel to work towards making their shows a hit, but not at the cost of sabotaging an established one. It's perfectly fine to launch new shos, but two programmes should not have similar content and celebrities. I have great respect for people heading the channel. However, I don't want to be part of the crowd and hence, I decided to wrap up the show," the host added.

"Comedy Nights With Kapil" has been one of the most popular TV shows, generating huge TRP for the channel.