The Australian restaurant serves pig's eyeball in one of its cocktail drink. [Representational Image]Reuters

A restaurant in Australia is offering a drink that is a classic example of 'what's seen cannot be unseen'.

Gone are those days when James Bond drank a martini in a resto-bar and everyone went crazy. Today, a month-old restaurant called Faro Tapas at the Museum of Old and New Art in Australia has done something similar that has made everyone go crazy. The restaurant is selling a black margarita. However, the twist in the tale is that the drink is garnished with the eyeball of a feral pig.

The creation came to light when Pat Nourse, a Gourmet Traveller food critic wrote a review of the restaurant and the abnormal drink that is served there. He even called the vibes of the eatery as 'very Stanley Kubrick' for its ambience.

The pigs' eyeball in the black margarita is said to be just for garnishing purpose and should not be eaten, licked or swallowed. The review for the drink has also not been as pleasing as the drink. The reviewer told Grub Street: "The blackness of the black Margarita is achieved with the addition of charcoal powder, and the glass is rimmed with black salt," He further added. "These seem to dampen down the flavours of tequila, mezcal, and lime as effectively as they make it a nightmare to photograph."

Instagrammers who are fond of taking pictures of their drink and uploading it on social media may want to give this drink a miss, for the picture and for the taste as well.

Nourse further described the food place as a 'work of art' rather than an 'arty restaurant in an art museum'. Furthermore, this is probably one of those rare moments wherein you are staring at your drink and the drink is probably staring back at you.