Nature gives nine months to parents to get prepared for the arrival of a new life; but what if a new born popped up without any prior warning during a regular trip to the bathroom? This is precisely what happened to Melissa Surgecoff. The 38-year-old from Boston, USA, had absolutely no idea that she was pregnant until her son fell into the bowl.

A little while before that, Melissa experienced agonizing stomach cramps and thought they were due to the 'kidney stones'. Melissa was sitting on the loo to get some 'relief' from the cramps.

In the meanwhile, she also called out to her fiancé Donnie Campbell to call the emergency health services and tell them that she was passing a kidney stone.

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She continued to suffer agonizing pain and cramps for some time when she suddenly felt a rush. In interviews given thereafter, Melissa described, that she, "felt something rush out of her," and thought it would be a kidney stone until it wasn't.

 In an interview given to Today, she said, "I'm screaming, I'm freaking out. I'm in shock. I don't know what's going on, and Donnie went to the toilet."

 And when Donnie did rush in to see Melissa, he discovered that he had already become a parent on March 8, without any prior clue, notice or so much as intuition.

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When the bathroom turned into labour room

It's further reported that the 'new dad' managed to clean off his son with the help of techniques he had seen in TV shows. In interviews later, Donnie shared, "I kept watching his stomach and he kept breathing on his own and then it became more of a celebration." He then held him close to his heart, against his body to keep the newborn warm and snug.


The shock and surprise didn't stay there. When paramedics turned up, least expecting to find a child, they were surprised too.

Little Liam went unnoticed, thanks to lockdown

The little one has been named Liam and he along with his mother, was rushed to the hospital where both were found to be healthy.  Looking back, Melissa says she did put on weight, had irregular periods, had her feet swollen but she was stuck at home due to the coronavirus. Reportedly, the long-time couple has been together since 2004 and their marriage was delayed due to the lockdown. They will now get married in June of this year.

Loo & behold!

Unplanned pregnancies are so heard of, unknown pregnancies till the first quarter are also not unheard of, but the birth of a newborn without any prior warning on a trip to the loo is a first of its kind.