Elon Musk has talked about a lot of stuff and has eventually turned it into gold. Clubhouse is one of the hottest platforms right now and in part because Musk hosted a couple of podcasts on the audio-only chat app. After several popular celebs joined Clubhouse, the masses are eager to join the platform - so much so that there's a demand for invites on the web.

Currently, the only way to join Clubhouse is if you're invited to the app. And even those who invite others to app have limited options of just two invites at first, but it is gradually increased depending on how active you are. All in all, it is a precious commodity right now and not easy to get.

Clubhouse invites for sale

Clubhouse invites for sale

Seeing this demand, the web is blowing up with premium Clubhouse invites. Although it is free, people in the position are trying to make the most out of it. Clubhouse invites are being sold on the dark web for around $100. Browsing through various platforms like Reddit, eBay, Craiglist and even some groups on Facebook show Clubhouse invites are being sold for anywhere between $50 and $125.

Beware of fake invites

Surprisingly, the demand is driven by people interested in buying these invites. While there might be some people who legitimately live up to their word and let those who pay up to the enter Clubhouse, there's also a scam in the name of invites. The best way to get invited to Clubhouse is through known contacts and associates. If not that, it might be worth waiting for Clubhouse to be open for all.

scam alert
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There's no way of knowing for sure if the invite you're willing to buy for $100 or more is legit. But that's still not the worst part.

Hackers might be using these fake Clubhouse invites to distribute malicious code. Clubhouse isn't available on Android just yet, but cybercriminals are using this as bait to lure unsuspecting users. "A fake malicious application can do exactly what you allow it to do in the security settings of your Android -- to get a rough or accurate location of the device, record audio and video, attain access to messengers, etc.," Denis Legezo, a security expert at cyber-security firm Kaspersky had warned.

So beware of Clubhouse invites and it is best to stay clear at this given time.