In recently unsealed court documents related to the 2015 defamation case against Jeffrey Epstein and his alleged Grisham Maxwell, Virginia Roberts Giuffre, the alleged victim, claimed that she saw former president Bill Clinton on the Esepestein's island with two young girls.

In the documents, it is revealed, Giuffre was asked if she has any recollection of Bill Clinton visiting Epsteins's island.

"Yes, I do," Guiffre answered. "I remember asking Jeffrey what's Bill Clinton doing here [on Epstein's island] kind of thing, and he laughed it off and said well he owes me favours," Newsweek reported citing the unsealed documents.

The revelation is in contrast to claims made by Bill Clinton in 2019 when he had denied going to Epstein's island.

Epstein Clinton
Former president Bill Clinton with Jeffrey EpsteinCourtesy: Twitter

Bill Clinton through his spokesperson denied the allegation saying he was never there.

Bill Clinton's spokesperson Angel UreƱa said that the former president has "never been to Little St. James Island" and "He'd not spoken to Epstein in well over a decade."

Several witnesses who came forward with the accusation of sexual misconduct against Epstein accused Maxwell of helping Epstein in getting young and underage girls for sex parties at Epstein's island. Giuffre claimed that she was "recruited" by Ghislaine Maxwell to have sex with high profile men at Epstein's properties.

On being asked, "Were sexual orgies a regular occurrence on the island at Jeffrey's house?" Guiffre responded, "Yes." The court document reveals.

Giuffre claimed that several high profile men used to frequently visit Epstein several properties across the US where sexual parties were a regular occurrence. In her deposition, she named UK Prince Andrew, Al Gore and Bill Clinton among others.

Virginia Roberts Giuffre
Virginia Roberts Giuffre. Giuffre said she saw former President Bill Clinton on Jeffrey Epstein's island with two underage girls.Reuters

Earlier Media reports had revealed that Bill Clinton had travelled on Epstein's private Boeing 727 plane named "Lolita Express" multiple times. In one of the 11 such flights, Clinton allegedly flew with a softcore porn actress whose name wasn't listed in Epstein's address book. Instead, it listed "massages".

In other trips, woman companions with Clinton were simply either listed by their first name or as female.

Clinton denies ever being there

Clinton has denied any wrongdoing then and claimed the visit wasn't related to any sexual activity.

But Virginia, according to court papers, says that she was part of orgies or sex parties on Espetien's plane as well.

The court papers also revealed that Maxwell denied giving more information about her association with the Clintons. It was in the knowledge of the court that Maxwell attended Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton's daughter Chelsea Clinton's wedding in 2010.

Maxwell through her lawyer denied giving any other information about her association with Clintons citing the requests were irrelevant to the case and go overboard.

Maxwell was arrested on sex trafficking charges last year from a small town in New Hampshire after being on run for almost a year after the death of her boyfriend and accomplice, Jeffery Epstein who died by suicide inside a New York jail in 2019.

Clinton has not been accused of any wrongdoing.

Clinton denies being at the island.
Clinton denies being at the island.IBT