Veteran actor Shivaji Satam is more famous as ACP Pradyuman from CID that his real name. The actor became a household name with his crime show that went on for decades. However, the actor has now been sitting at home with no interesting projects in his lap. He was last seen briefly in Haseen Dilruba.

Shivaji Satam death hoax: CID actor ACP Pradyuman is upset with such rumours
CID actor ACP PradyumanShivaji Satam/Twitter

Shivaji shares his plight

"I won't say that I am getting many offers. Nahi hai toh nahi hai. There are one or two offers that are not interesting as well. I am from Marathi theatre, I have always done projects that I liked," Satam told HT. "It's my bad luck that no powerful characters are being written. It's a loss on both sides. As an actor, I miss out on good work and the audience misses out on good actors," he further said.

Shivaji, who is also a known face in Marathi theatres, added that the projects that are being offered to him are all cop roles. He added that he has not grown tired of doing the same role but tired of sitting at home. On being asked if he would be approached for CID if it makes a comeback, Shivaji added that he would be right at the front of it.

"Tomorrow (if) C.I.D. starts again, I'll be right in the front to do the project. I'm not tired of playing the character, but tired of being home," he said. And this has left fans wondering if their favourite show – CID – is indeed going to make a comeback.

Shivaji Satam
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Shivaji Satam on death hoax

A few days back, rumours of Shivaji Satam passing away spread on social media like wildfire. Rumour had it that Satam had suffered a massive heart attack. 

"I got to know of it when my son told me. See, even if you write me off, it does not scare me. But what about the people who are close to me? You are playing with someone else's emotions. I urge people not to write or report anything stupid as you are creating a lot of grief to those dependent and close to the person you are writing about. I got calls from all who know me, from Sony TV, from Fireworks and the news was in really bad taste. It can be fun for someone, but certainly not for the person being written about," he said to a publication.