Lijo Jose Pellissery is widely considered one of the most talented filmmakers in the country. The director is known for his unconventional approach towards filmmaking, and most of his movies had received positive responses from audiences and critics alike. Lijo's new movie Churuli has been now released on Sony Liv, and prior to the OTT release, the film had its screening at the IFFK. Earlier, Vinay Forrt who played a crucial role in this movie had revealed that the film's OTT version had some changes from the original version which was screened at the film festival. 

Churuli: An overdose of foul language

Churuli is such a movie that is capable of invoking a sense of curiosity and mystery in the minds of the audiences. From the very first scene where the director used drawings to convey a story of a monk, it became clear that Churuli is yet another typical LJP film. 

Churuli movie review
A still from ChuruliYouTube

The film basically portrays the story of two policemen who reach a dense forest to catch a culprit. After crossing a bridge, the life of these policemen takes a new turn, as they see weird people with extremely weird mannerisms. 

The film has all elements to glue the audiences to their seats, but what works against Churuli is an overdose of foul language. It is still unclear why all the characters in this movie use at least a single offensive word in each and every dialogue they deliver. At times, this dose of foul language goes over the board, and it is highly recommendable to use headsets while watching this movie. 

Churuli is visually spectacular

Like all other movies made by Lijo Jose Pellissery, Churuli is also made with impeccable cinematic language. The frames are top-notch, and the director once again proved that he is one of those directors in Kerala who can make movies with an international appeal. 

All the actors in this movie, Chemban Vinod Jose, Vinay Forrt, Jaffer Idukki, and Joju George did their part with finesse. However, the film ended in an unconventional manner, and audiences will be having several questions in their minds. 

Final Verdict: Lijo Jose Pellissery's new movie Churuli is not everyone's cup of tea, instead, this film is a tailormade flick for fans of the director.