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Chunky Panday recently impressed most of the viewers with his role as an antagonist in Prabhas starrer Saaho. However, one lady ran after him with a slippers to hit him after watching the movie.

Chunky in a recent interview stated that one lady fan of Baahubali (Prabhas) was so angry to see him harassing the latter in Saaho that she wanted to him Chunky with her slippers.

"I am quite shocked by the responses that I have received for this film. Recently, when I was out somewhere, ek aunty chappal leke maarne aayi mujhe and I asked, 'What happened? What have I done to you?'. To which she said, 'You haven't done anything to me but aapne Baahubali (Prabhas) ka gala nichod diya. Chunky Panday, aap bohot kamine ho. Hum aapko pehle bohot pasand karte the but now, aap dusht hogaye ho'. These are the kind of responses that I have been getting," Chunky told Bollywoodlife.

Chunky has mostly been seen in comic roles, and hence, it was little difficult to imagine him playing such a ruthless character in Saaho. Even he himself was doubtful about doing justice to the character, but director Sujeeth was certain that he would do a good job, and he rightly did.

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"Yes, it was (challenging). Devraj was pitted against Baahubali (Prabhas), who is almost like a God in India. Initially, I was really scared as they were pitting me against Baahubali. I was like 'look at his body' and 'look at mine'. I am 'single pasli' while he is a 'double pasli.' But, the director assured and convinced me that he was making me a ruthless, cruel and old character. And he told me that your character will work, nobody will focus on your body. I will give such a look that you will manage to convince people that you are a bad man," he added.

The movie Saaho was one of the most anticipated films of this year. Although the film did not get the desired response from the audience and critics, the film managed to rake in good money at the box office.