A still from "Nine Lives"
A still from "Nine Lives"

Fans have loved Christopher Walken as a psychotic maniac in many popular films, but it looks like the "Sleepy Hollow" star is tired of playing the bad guy. He will be taking a break from his serious films with the upcoming "Nine Lives," in which he plays the wise father-like figure to Kevin Spacey's Tom Brand aka Mr Fuzzypants.

The fantastic cast of the film also includes Jennifer Garner and Teddy Sears, making the choice of working on "Nine Lives" an easy one for Walken. "Yes, who the other actors are and who the director is. With Barry Sonnenfeld, Kevin Spacey and Jennifer Garner, it just seemed like an obviously good job," Walken said in a statement.

Walken's role in the movie is that of a cat whisperer who seems to have other magical powers. The cat "Nine Lives" focuses on is none other than Spacey. As a human Tom is a major business tycoon and has no time for his family, which makes his 11-year-old daughter Rebecca (Malina Weissman) very upset.

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Felix Grant (Walken) somehow traps Tom inside the body of the very cat he bought as a pet for his daughter. Tom needs to reconcile with his daughter or remain a cat forever. Through this supernatural experience Felix remains a mentor for Tom trapped inside Mr Fuzzypants.

This movie comes at a great time for Walken, who has apparently been waiting for a role in which he could dole out fatherly advice. "I get so many villainous people, you know. I'd really like to play someone who gives good advice," says Walken.

"Nine Lives" releases on Friday, Aug. 5 and will make for a great movie to watch with your entire family. Watch the trailer for "Nine Lives" here: