Out of all the cast who had their major breakthrough moments in the Marvel Cinematic Universe's Avenger's franchise, Chris Evans' transformation had been the most unexpected one. This was an actor who had earlier come on screen as the naked American playboy in What's Your Number, Not Another Teen Movie, and even a superpower holding guy in Fantastic Four. Hence to imagine Chris Evans as the ever so respectable Captain America was indeed a challenge the actor accepted and that changed his destiny in Hollywood. 

When Captain America makes a command everybody listens:

Captain America

Loki may have mocked the character in Avengers, but even his own series had to begin with the shot where Captain America made a command. Iron Man may mock his costume tight a**, but he will never get loyal followers as Ant-Man, or Wanda. Spider-Man/ Peter Parker may be in awe of his uncle Stark, but even he couldn't help but admire Captain America when he had to confront him in a physical fight. Steve Rodgers knew well not to hurt a young child and chose to leave the kid in the room.

Captain America had been a breakthrough role for Chris Evans, not only since his role made him reach Forbes's rich list of highest-paid actors, but more since American citizens started taking his words more seriously. Hence when Chris Evans (not Captain America, but Chris Evans), write a tweet against former US President Donald Trump or remind Ivanka Trump of her family's privileges, citizens take him seriously. 

Chris Evans post-Captain America:

Post the massive success of the Avengers franchise, Chris Evans was seen in the Netflix film, Red Sea Diving Resor, and Knives Out. One of his big-budget films (post-Avengers fame) also includes The Gray Man, where he is expected to share the screen with actor Dhanush. 

Red Sea Diving Resort 

In Avengers he wore the costume of a superhero, in the Netflix film, Red Sea Diving Resort, he was Ari Levinson. If you want to imagine Ari Levinson, think of Captain America in Avengers: Infinity War where he has his beard. Now think of that beard in an unkempt style, along with it, add loosely fitted clothes. Ari is a man who does not care much about his appearance, not when he has a bunch of Ethiopian Jews to rescue from Sudan. Ari here has to work without superpowers, and he takes all the risks in his life to complete his mission of bringing in Jewish refugees to Israel. 

The film has its familiarities with Argo, except, there are moments when Ari comes completely face to face with the risk of a militant man who feels the urge to rape a waitress in the presence of a hot-headed Ari. Without keeping in mind the consequences of his words and actions, Ari picks up a knife from a dinner table and warns the militant man to let go of the woman whom he plans to rape. Ari's team knows well that this action would end up having severe consequences, where an army of Ethiopian soldiers may arrive to stab and shoot every one of his crew members. But Ari does what his conscience tells him to do. Save a woman from getting raped. 

This was the same Chris Evans who once dared a woman in a game of striptease while scoring basketball points in What's Your Number, and awfully challenged his friends against the school nerd in Not Another Teen Movie. What Evans (being an actor) needed in his career was a role that could make Americans take him seriously. At this point, the actor has single-handedly raised the bar for him, where you can only imagine him in Defending Jacob, Knives Out, The Gray Man, but not as the careless teenage heartthrob anymore. 

Will Chris Evans ever return as Captain America:

Chris Evans

WandaVision had been well received by the audience and Loki's first episode managed to score more points than Avengers: Endgame. However, Falcon and the Winter Soldier massively failed mainly since it tried to be a political commentary on the present state of the US rather than being faithful to the original comic characters and content. 

By now, we all know that the Avengers are anti-Donald Trump. Chris Evans, Mark Ruffalo, have repeatedly assured us in their tweets. The team of Avengers had funded Biden-Harris's presidential campaign. But most filmmakers, directors, actors have forgotten that web series, films are a space where viewers walk in with the expectation to take a break from the regular political happenings, even if it lasts for two hours.

All said and done, here's the thing Chris Evans, Trump or no Trump, your birthday is will be on the day before Donald Trump. ( Just kidding. No seriously. It is.) Happy Birthday.