The introduction of Internet of Things (IoT) technology into the supply chain has been a game-changer for many businesses. It has enabled improved visibility and accuracy, as well as cost savings and efficiency gains. With so many available options, choosing the right source for cargo IoT tracking devices takes a lot of consideration. Understand the benefits of direct manufacturing sources with design capabilities like Eelink that transcend stock models. Your company deserves the most accurate, real-time, connected digitalization options available today.

Why Supply Chain Digitalization Matters

All modern business operations rely on digitalization, and that is no different for product manufacturers, transportation companies, and logistics groups. Today's global economy is fast paced and highly competitive. Customer demands increase all the time and constantly evolve as expectations rise. This means that companies must remain agile and responsive if they want to succeed in their industry or niche. By digitalizing the entire supply chain, they can gain vital data they need to make the decisions that lead to profits. These metrics are key drivers of business growth.

A primary benefit of using digital IoT trackers is improved transparency. When everyone with a stake in the end results of the supply chain actions knows essential information, it makes the whole process smoother, quicker, and more profitable. The ability to monitor products or other cargo at any moment anywhere around the world allows for optimization that was unheard of with paper records and no digital device oversight. The end goal is achieved: competitive advantages over other players in the industry.

Unique Solutions for Diverse Companies

The best IoT tracking device for supply chain digitalization offers a unique combination of real-time data analysis and geo-location capabilities that allow businesses to manage their supply chains with greater precision than ever before. These cater to diverse business needs. Any organization that ships any type or material, product, equipment, or maintains a fleet of vehicles can benefit. The ability to digitally track and collect key metrics depends on the quality of the devices themselves, however, and that traces back to the manufacturer's capabilities.

From healthcare and pharmaceuticals to food and beverage, these devices can be customized with specialized sensors and software to monitor everything from temperature fluctuations to shipment speed. This level of specificity not only helps businesses maintain optimal conditions for their products but also ensures compliance with industry regulations. The top required sensors measure, record, and transmit information about GPS location, temperature, humidity, shock, light exposure, motion, and more.

Top Qualities of an IoT Device Manufacturer

The benefits of IoT tracking devices for supply chain oversight are obvious. However, your company representatives still need to know how to source the best without overpaying or having problems down the road. Expertise matters and that only comes from a device seller who is also a manufacturer who designs and fully engineers the products they sell.


The moment an IoT device supplier stops innovating is the moment they fail to satisfy the needs of this growing market. They must keep up with emerging technologies and constantly strive to improve their own products as global supply chain needs shift.


Supply chain tracking that works only part of the time delivers no usable results. The entire purpose is a continuous flow of data that allows companies to improve their operations and choose better supply chain methods. Reliable IoT devices are rugged, moisture-proof, and have long battery life.


A wide variety of devices suit different types of companies, but flexibility to provide exactly what an individual customer needs is even more important. An IoT tracker supplier who offers custom sensors and design options transcends expectations and is better equipped to meet the needs of every customer.


How can a business optimize their processes if they cannot trust the data collected or transmitted by the IoT devices they include in cargo containers? The simple answer is that they cannot. A skilled manufacturer must stand behind the accuracy of every sensor and transmission and constantly strive to deliver the best results to the customers they serve.


Not every business connects to IoT devices in the same way. If a manufacturer limits the options, it makes it very difficult for the firms who rely on them to find real benefits. The best supply chain trackers offer multiple options that suit a global audience. These can include WiFi, 4G LTE, Bluetooth, and BLE, and older 2G connections. These harken back to the importance of flexibility. Not every location around the world has the same options, and businesses need the ability to collect and access data when and where they need to.

Cybersecurity concerns affect the increasingly digital supply chain world these days. Even the simplest and least expensive cargo tracker must come equipped with the latest and best security features to prevent unwanted and unauthorized access to the collected data. Imagine if thieves could track the precise location of expensive shipments of goods. Choose a brand that offers onboard security you can count on.


With the improved efficiency and speed of the entire supply chain process developed after using IoT devices for data collection, a company's needs may increase. The best supplier of these tracking devices can scale their offerings for you when you need it. This goes beyond keeping an inventory of stock products. If your brand needs custom devices or multi-product solutions, the right manufacturer can deliver without delay.

At a time when supply chain disruptions are commonplace, companies are turning towards innovative solutions like supply chain tracking devices to mitigate risks and enhance visibility across their operations. When your organization chooses to source these devices from reputable, innovative, and flexible manufacturers like Eelink directly, you know the outcome will improve your own business operations. Digitalization of shipping and logistics only works if the IoT devices you choose operate as intended.