Megastar Chiranjeevi served a mega treat for his mega fans on Sunday. The senior actor has shared a photo of him having breakfast with his mother, brothers Pawan Kalyan and Nagababu and sister Vijaya Durga.

Chiranjeevi has two brothers – Pawan Kalyan and Nagababu, who are popular actors and a sister named Vijaya Durga. All of them stay in different houses in Hyderabad. But when all the modes of transportations are banned, all of them managed to assemble at one place on Sunday, flouting the rule of social distancing during the lockdown caused by the deadly coronavirus outbreak.

Chiranjeevi flouts social distancing to have breakfast with Pawan Kalyan, Nagababu, sister and mother
Chiranjeevi flouts social distancing to have breakfast with Pawan Kalyan, Nagababu, sister and motherTwitter

After breakfast on Sunday, Chiranjeevi Konidela took to his Twitter account to share a photo of it. The megastar captioned it with, "On a Sunday before lockdown. Missing meeting the dear ones. I am sure most of you share this feeling too. Hope those times will return for all of us..soon! ఓ ఆదివారం - అమ్మ దగ్గర నేను- చెల్లెల్లు తమ్ముళ్లు #StayHomeStaySafe"

In the photo, Chiranjeevi is seen close to his brother Nagababu, while his mother sat close to Nagababu's wife. Pawan Kalyan is seen sitting on the chair at the dining table, while his sister Vijaya. They are all smiling as they posed for the photograph, but the picture is sending out the wrong message to the public.

Chiranjeevi with mega family heroes
Chiranjeevi with mega family heroesTwitter

Chiranjeevi, who recently joined the Twitter world, has been spreading awareness about the deadly coronavirus infection on social media since March 25. The megastar is asking his fans to stay home maintain social distance and sanitise hands every now and then. However, the actor seems to have forgotten to follow his advice for a moment and set a wrong example for his fans.

However, a lot has been spoken and written about the differences between the mega brothers. In a recent interview, Chiranjeevi slammed the reports about enmity among them. Now, this picture has come as proof of the continued close bonding among the family. It has thrilled their fans, who are now busy circulating and making it viral on social media.