Chinmayi (Facebook/Chinmayi Sripada)
Chinmayi (Facebook/Chinmayi Sripada)Facebook/Chinmayi Sripada

Popular singer Chinmayi Sripaada slammed Bollywood filmmaker Subhash Ghai and actor Anupam Kher for their witch hunt on actress Rekha after the suicide of her husband Mukesh Agarwal.

Bhanurekha Ganesan, who is better known by her stage name Rekha, is the daughter of late Tamil superstar Gemini Ganesan. Her private life have been the subject of frequent media interest and a lot has been discussed about her love affair with Bollywood megastar Amitabh Bachchan. However, not many aware of her marriage to Delhi-based industrialist Mukesh Aggarwal in 1990.

Mukesh Aggarwal was reportedly suffering from Mukesh's chronic depression. She came to know about mental health issues after she entered wedlock with him. But took an extreme step on October 2, 1990 hanged himself to the ceiling fan of his room, using her dupatta. Many people including Subhash Ghai and Anupam Kher had shamed her as a cold-hearted man-eater. She was the victim of witch hunt.

Singer Chinmayi Sripaada and her husband Rahul Ravindran
Singer Chinmayi Sripaada and her husband Rahul Ravindran

Subhash Ghai had reportedly said, "Rekha has put such a blot on the face of the film industry that it'll be difficult to wash it away easily. I think after this any respectable family will think twice before accepting any actress as their bahoo. It"s going to be tough even professionally for her. No conscientious director will work with her ever again. How will the audience accept her as Bharat ki nari or insaf ki devi?"

Anupam Kher had reportedly said, "She's become the national vamp. Professionally and personally, I think it's curtains for her. I mean I don't know how I will react to her if I come face to face with her."

Post the suicide of Sushant Singh Rajput, his girlfriend Rhea Chakraborty is facing similar kind of media trial and witch hunt on her. Singer Chinmayi Sripaada, who is fighting for women in the film industry and famous for her #MeToomovement. The feminist took to her Twitter account to slam the patriarchy and vilification of women in the film industry.

Chinmayi Sripaada shared screenshot of a report on the witch hunt on senior Bollywood actress Rekha and condemned them. The singer tweeted, "Subhash Ghai and Anupam Kher's quotes, circa 1990 on Rekha if reported verbatim, is how some men are made. It is unbelievable how Rekha survived and thrived."