Who is Dr Li-Meng Yan?
Chinese scientist Dr Li-Meng Yan.

Days after the Chinese virologist made a stunning claim that the coronavirus was created in a government-controlled laboratory in Wuhan, Li-Meng Yan's social media account has been suspended by Twitter.

This appears to be the Twitter account of Li-Meng Yan.

li meng yan twitter

Yan's account remains down with a message on her page that says, 'Account suspended. Twitter suspends accounts which violate the Twitter Rules.'

Twitter is yet to comment on the suspension of Yan's account.

Li-Meng Yan offered evidence to back her claims

Li-Meng Yan recently made headlines when she offered scientific evidence to back her claims that says the deadly virus was made in a Wuhan lab. She was also forced to flee to the US from China after becoming a whistleblower in the case.

As per reports, Yan's Twitter account was taken down on Tuesday after she accused China of intentionally manufacturing and releasing coronavirus.

In an exclusive conversation with "Loose Women", a British talk show, scientist Dr Li-Meng Yan claimed she has proof that the virus came from a virology lab in the city and not from the wet-food market.

She said that she was assigned to investigate "new pneumonia" in Wuhan following which she discovered a cover-up operation regarding coronavirus during her investigation.

"I decided to report this development to my supervisor, who is also a World Health Organisation (WHO) consultant. There was no response from the WHO and my supervisor. Everyone warned me that do not cross the right line and keep silence or else I would be made to disappear," she said in the video released on YouTube.

The virologist said she had expected her supervisor to "do the right thing on behalf of the Chinese government and WHO".

She also added: "The genome sequence is like a human fingerprint."

However, The Chinese National Health Commission, World Health Organisation and University Of Hong Kong have disputed the claims made by her.

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