"Sherlock" star Benedict Cumberbatch, who essays the role of the iconic detective in the series, has garnered a huge fan following, consisting mostly women. These women call themselves Cumberbabes, or Cumber Collective, and are in awe of both his on-screen as well as off-screen persona.

According to the New York Daily News, the fan base, which started in the UK, has slowly spread across the world to countries like India and China.

For instance, Metro reported that when the first episode of season 3 of "Sherlock" premiered in China on Jan. 2, more than five million watched it, making "Sherlock" the most popular video ever shown on video hosting platform, Youku.com.

The English actor has a number of fans in India. During a recent interview with Headlines Today, Cumberbatch said he wants his female fan following to call themselves Cumber Collective instead of Cumberbabes.

"Specially in India there have been some extra ordinary events recently that too some awful events. Women need to take pride in their collective identity. I know it's a silly fan name and I know it's just for fun but you know the one I don't like because it's counter productive to feminism in general.  I prefer the idea of something softer like 'Cumber Collective'," the 37-year-old actor said.

In the U.S., female fans are charmed by both his on-screen and off-screen presence, and his British accent adds to the appeal.

"His cheekbones are striking," Park Slope entertainment writer Meghan O'Keefe told New York Daily News, adding that his unique looks make him attractive.

"It's like someone tried to draw a handsome face, but the eyes are a little too small, the cheekbones are too big, the mouth is too big."