Child Artist Gokul with Balakrishna
Child Artist Gokul with BalakrishnaTwitter

Child artist Gokul, who was known as Junior Balakrishna, died due to dengue on Thursday. Balayya and Anasuya Bharadwaj are saddened to hear the news about his death and offered condolences to his family.

Vamsi Shekar, the publicist for Balakrishna, took to share the news about the death of Gokul. He tweeted, "The famous & talented child artist - Gokul, known for his Balakrishna mimicry acts, died due to dengue on Thursday night. Everyone is shocked on hearing the news of his demise. Gokul was an excellent mimicry artist.."

Vamsi added, "He has done acts in a show on YoYoTv channel where he enacted famous Balakrishna scenes and dialogues. Balakrishna and his family are extremely saddened on hearing this news. The family offered condolences to the artist. They profoundly mourn the loss of such a talented artist."

In a video message, Anasuya Bharadwaj became very emotional about Gokul. She said, "As you all know, I have hosted four seasons of Drama Juniors and season 5 will come on TV soon. I woke to news today, which is very horrible to believe. Gokul became famous as junior Balakrishna. He is one of my favourite contestants on Drama Juniors. I feel like cry even to think about him."

"He had been suffering from high fever (temperature) for two days. His parents were taking him to get treatment from a specialist in Bangalore. But he breathed his last on the way to the city," said Anasuya adding, "Many including some ministers are busy spreading awareness about this fever. Please take care. This kid really had a very bright future. Dengue is dangerous and two days is very short time for it."

The news of Gokul's death also shocked and saddened many filmgoers. Some of them took to Twitter to pay tributes the child artist.

Agasthya Kantu @agasthyakantu

Very sad to here that this bright boy Gokul Sai Krishna has died with dengue fever. He is an extremely talented kid who is known for delivering Balakrishna Dilouges. May his soul rest in peace and May god give strength to his family. #RIPsaikrishna