The internet has always been a sort of microcosm of the world, in some ways it reflects society. Every once in a while when we lose the deep, and indulgent thought about what the internet represents we're left with some really strange phenomena. 

#JusticeForChutki is trending and to the laymen and unsuspecting netizen, it seems like there's mobilisation against a grave injustice and a cause to stand up for. What it is instead actually is hilarity, Chhota Bheem's now married, but netizens and fans are heartbroken because he chose Rani Indumati instead of Chutki. We've not made a typing error, this is the truth. 

Chhota Bheem

#JusticeForChutki: The most hilarious trend you'll see today

Chhota Bheem is a much-loved cartoon, followed by kids in India. The fictional kingdom of Dholakpur has captured young minds for many years. But, as #JusticeForChutki there's been a lot of emotional investment in the story for a surprisingly large section of the population.

The internet is feeling betrayed today, and it's because Chhota Bheem, rather 'dhokebaaz' Bheem is getting married and it's not Chutki, his childhood best friend. Instead, the character will be marrying the princess Rani Indumati. Not quite the fairytale ending fans wanted.

Many have been trending the #JusticeForChutki on Twitter with some of the funniest memes-

Chhota Bheem played with Chutki's emotions:

Some are offended by Bheem's behaviour:

Major Kuch Kuch Hota Hai vibes here:

#Bhutki is couple goals, apparently:

Chutki deserves better:

A song for the brokenhearted:

If we were to compare:

She was a poem and he couldn't read it:

Everybody who stumbled across the trend and wondered if they were seeing things:

This teaches us something, the internet has no priorities and never take a trend at face value. You have been warned.