Kannada actor Chetan of Aa Dinagalu and Myna fame is set to marry a social worker named Megha. Their wedding will be held at an orphanage called Vinobha Bhave Ashram in Bengaluru on February 2.

Chetan was born and brought and completed his education in Chicago, Illinois, US. His father and mother, who hail from Mysore Karnataka, work as doctors in the US. But his love for his motherland and language brought him back to his roots. Having started his career with theatre, he entered Kannada films with director KM Chaitanya's 2007 movie Aa Dinagalu, which was a big hit at the box office.

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Later, Chetan went on to star in around 10 Kannada movies and Myna and Noorondu Nenapu are notable among them. Besides acting, he also got involved in social works like teaching poor students and took part in several movements against injustice and atrocities. This is when he came across social worker Megha, who is an engineering graduate, whose passion for human rights led her to pursue a law degree.

Actor Chetan and Megha
Actor Chetan and MeghaPR Handout

Talking to International Business Times, India, Chetan said, "It is a love marriage. Both of us have similar views and same concern towards society, which brought and bind us together. We first met each other at a social gathering some friends introduced us thinking that we connect each other very well."

Megha was born in Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh, a few moons back. She is a triple-f threat: feminist, foodie and free spirit. Chetan added, "We know each other for the last five years. We had been seriously about talking about falling in love and planning our future. She is professionally an engineer, but now she is studying law related to human rights."

Actor Chetan and Megha's wedding invitation
Actor Chetan and Megha's wedding invitationPR Handout

Chetan and Megha will tie the knot at the Sub-Registrar Office Gandhinagar Bengaluru

on February 1. They will host a wedding ceremony in Vinobha Bhave Ashram in Kumarapark in the city on February 2. A statement their invitation reads, "Help us spread the spirit of equality and inclusivity by experiencing this meaningful cultural extravaganza with underprivileged children and Ashrama elders."

Unlike other celebs' marriage, their wedding ceremony will include vows of values, vibrant tribal performances, Vachana, Sufi and folk music, words to fonder and book exhibition. When asked about this simple wedding ceremony, the actor told IB Times, "We want our marriage to be a social face. We are getting married amidst the people of tribal community."