Kannada actor and activist Chetan Kumar has slammed the recently-released multilingual flick Vikrant Rona. He has expressed his unhappiness over "insensitive portrayal of Dalit-Bahujans."

Chetan Ahimsa
Chetan.via Facebook photo section

However, he has given thumbs up for the overall quality of the film and the performances of the actors. He tweeted, "'Vikrant Rona'—good technically & in performances

I was disappointd in its insensitive portrayal of Dalit-Bahujans as vicious/diabolical & stereotyping of Muslims

Filmmakers must stop exploiting caste/religion for profits without nuanced understandings of historical in/justices. [sic]"

Chetan Kumar is known for making controversial comments. Earlier, he was arrested for his "provocative comments" on the High Court over Hijab verdict. He had also come under criticism anti-Brahmin comments.

Vikrant Rona
Sudeep's Vikrant Rona.PR Handout

Sudeep Fans Slam Chetan
Meanwhile, the fans of Sudeep have not taken his comments lightly and has come down heavily on him on Twitter. "Main Hero himself comes from a community classified as Scheduled Tribe since many decades.. Karma ivrdu, [sic]" a user responds.

Another user writes, "Respect #anupbhandari's freedom of expression.Respect the art. When you and your coterie villainize a community by vicious design and spew venom on them 24/7 it is fun is it? [sic]"

"That can also be seen as a message to the society alva sir. Such pathetic mindset that people go in search of the mistakes,[ sic]" a user tweets.

On the other hand, the Anup Bhandari-directorial has done exceptionally well at the box office. As per the trade trackers, it is inching towards entering Rs 50-crore mark in Karnataka. The film has witnessed good audience turnout in the 'A' centres.

Vikrant Rona, which has Jacqueline Fernandez and Nirup Bhandari in key roles, got a decent response from neighbouring Andhra and Telangana states.

The film is reportedly made with the budget of Rs 75 crore and it should gross over Rs 130 crore worldwide in order to be a profitable venture for the distributors.