Chase Harmer
Chase Harmer

Traditional banking systems have almost become entirely obsolete since the emergence of Fintech. While we discuss the numerous benefits of Fintech, let's recall our former lives where conventional systems were a major part of it. Most of the financial proceedings undertaken were in cash and required the physical presence of the consumer. To add on, the frustrating old methods and time-consuming procedures made the lives of ordinary and businesspeople complex. But as Fintech was introduced in the year 2005, and people all over the world were exposed to an enhanced infrastructure for payment processing, it presented numerous opportunities to the masses.

Chase Harmer, the founder of ProfitPay expresses his elation by saying," Fintech services specialize in providing effortless and quick payment systems which have benefited many. ProfitPay not only assures the generic services of fintech but also offers the entire economy of today's digital merchant such as digital currency, digital banking, card issuing and payments producing higher ROI and greater cashback to everyone."

Chase started his professional journey 22 years ago at the age of 19, but started building technology in 2014. Over the term of the first 8 years, he travelled across the nation and built a profile of hotel properties, but was only offering a commodity type business in payments so every year became a negotiation with the end customer to keep the business. Thereafter he decided to build more value and create a product that would eliminate the requirement of physical presence of a card and create a safer mode of transaction, protecting both the consumer and the business and with no tech experience and 0 investment money, he decided to bring this trailblazing idea into reality. After 7 years of gruelling and numerous breakthroughs, he has been able to create a robust platform and an enterprise value today worth north of $300M, he claims.

He has contributed to the field of fintech. He is also a visionary leader, and start-up investor. Apart from initiating a start-up, he has invested in 39 other start-ups and has a mission focused on helping other founders and creators succeed. He says he values customer services, as he believes, customer satisfaction is the ultimate path to success. To achieve the same, he has introduced many white glove services designed especially for his clients from around the world but all merchants in today's digital economy.

Alongside his hustle, he has also commenced a non-profit which helps young innovators to secure scholarships, grants, and investments for their prospective projects.

When asked about his plans, he says that presently his organizational goal is to take his business valuation to $7-8Billion. He believes, having faith in the process, people and staying true to the vision even when nobody believes you is the key to long term success...they will all eventually see where you are trying to go...Once your business is stabilized, you can shape it the way you desire.