'Chandralekha' Movie Poster
Poster of Kannada film "Chandralekha" which released on 7, March, 2014.Facebook-Chandralekha

Kannada movie "Chandralekha" which is directed by Om Prakash Rao has got positive reviews from the critics. It stars Chiranjeevi Sarja, Shanvi Srivastava, Nagshekar and Sadhu Kokila in the lead roles. The film is a remake of a Telugu hit movie titled "Prema Katha Chitram" which is directed by J. Prabhakar Reddy.

The movie is a comedy horror which is produced by KV Sridhar Reddy. The director has made more than 25 films in Kannada and he is also known for directing many remakes of Tamil movies. However, he had never explored into horror-comedy. He surprised audiences by venturing into this new genre.

Movie Plot: "Chandralekha" is about the life of four youngsters who decide to commit suicide as they feel that they have all failed in their lives. The twist in the story takes place when they meet a ghost in the place where they all planned to attempt suicide. The ghost possesses the body of the female protagonist (Shanvi). How they deal with the ghost lies in the rest of the plot.

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Chitraloka.com writes: "The first half of the film is kept short while most of the entertaining stuff is packed in the second. The story is revealed bit by bit with the horror and comedy in between. This is an interesting way of mixing the plot with the thrills. Chiru plays the scared man and the jilted lover part well. Shanvi has the task of playing a lover and a possessed person. She makes the best of the opportunity and makes a memorable debut in Kannada. Nagshekar and Sadhu provide all the laughs.

The film has entertainment in abundance and easily qualifies as a good thriller. A couple of songs are good. Though most of the film is shot in a single house, there are enough flashbacks to provide visual relief. The cinematography takes care of presenting a tight narrative. "Chandralekha" is refreshingly good."

Sandesh of Oneindia.com writes: "Though "Chandralekha" is a remake movie, director Om Prakash Rao is successful in giving the native touch for the script. Music is given least importance in the movie. More than songs background score is impressive. Ravi Kumar should be appreciated for his amazing camera work, which is the main highlight of the movie.

As "Chandralekha" is the second horror movie for Chiranjeevi Sarja after "Whistle", he is commendable in his role. There is no difference in his acting from his previous movie. Shanvi Srivastava is a promising actress, who has been introduced to Kannada films from "Chandralekha". She is impressive in both the shades - as a common girl and devil character.

The two comedy masters Sadhu Kokila and Nagashekar are the show stealers in the first half of the movie with their amazing comedy timing and mannerism.

The movie has proportionate mixture of comedy and horror. "Chandralekha" is one time watchable. The movie has very slow pace in the first half. A must watch if you are Chiranjeevi Sarja's fan."