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CES 2018: LG Display unveils world's first rollable OLED TVLG Display Press Kit

After announcing the world's first 88-inch OLED 8K resolution television, South Korean display technology pioneer LG unveiled another innovative TV with extreme bendable capabilities.

Just when TVs are getting bigger and slimmer, LG has come up with a refreshing 65-inch Ultra HD OLED television design with a "rollable" screen — a first-of-its-kind in the industry. It can be rolled up like a canvas and disappear into a rectangular case, which looks more like a standalone soundbar.

As of now, there is no word on the price, but a device — particularly a revolutionary one that reinvents its category — will initially come with a hefty price-tag.

But, this pretty nifty rollable feature should come in handy when it comes to preventing accidental damage. For instance, kids sometimes playfully kicking a football or throwing things around in the living room and hitting the television set burn a deep hole in the parents' pockets.

But, if they have the new LG OLED TV, they have one less thing to worry about, as it can be rolled up and hidden when not in use, and the small size of the rolled-up screen means it can be more easily moved and stored, allowing for better space utilisation — something existing displays can't deliver.

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That being said, this rollable LG OLED TV feature will certainly pave the way for adoption of similar technology in other consumer electronics segments — particularly smartphones.  Imagine using a big 10-inch phone to read news or messages, and once done, rolling it into a compact form and keeping it in your pocket.

This idea would have been received with guffaws three decades ago, but thanks to recent innovations in OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode), nothing looks impossible now. 

At this pace, we might even see phone-cum-tablet hybrids (more than 10-inch size) with foldable/rollable capability in a couple of years if not earlier. 

"LG Display is all about innovative products that provide new value to customers," Sang-Beom Han, Vice-Chairman and CEO of LG Display, said in a statement.

"We will firmly establish our position as a leading company by responding to market expectations and providing differentiated value in the rapidly expanding OLED market as well as the existing LCD market," Han added.

The company is slated to showcase the new 65-inch "rollable" OLED TV at the LG booth in the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2018 (January 9-12) in Las Vegas. The company is expected to announce its price as well as the region-specific availability of the new TV series at the event.

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