Coolest CES 2017 launches
Coolest CES 2017 launchesKuri official blog

The International Consumer Electronics Show 2017 has kicked off in Las Vegas and companies are making  a beeline for showcasing their products at the world's biggest tech show.

CES offers a glimpse of the future technology and this year's show is no different. From smartphones to laptops and automobiles to smart home gadgets and robots, everything at this week's tech fair is poised to usher in futuristic tech innovations.

Smart homes or Internet of Things (IoT) is sort of a big deal at this year's CES and a lot of companies have launched products to show what this niche category is truly capable of. With such amount of interest in the smart home category, 2017 is certainly going to be different than 2016.

We have handpicked some of the best (and really really cool) smart home gadgets from the CES 2017 event (so far), which we are certain will impress you as well.

Motiv - Smart Ring

Motiv smart ring is a bundle of fitness tracking features made for those who feel odd about fitness bands and smartwatches. The ring can track your steps, sleep and heart rate and help you achieve your fitness goals. The ring is priced at $199 and will be available this spring.

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This adorable home robot is like Amazon Echo on wheels. It will follow you around your house, playing your favourite music and responding to you with its cute sounds. It has sensors and cameras, which can be used to keep a watch on your pet at home while you are away. Kuri costs $699.

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Lenovo Smart Assistant Speaker

If you are not content with the way Amazon Echo looks like, Lenovo Smart Assistant is a good alternative. It has Alexa to talk to you and carry out all your voice commands, just like Amazon Echo. Above all, it is $50 cheaper than Amazon Echo and will be available in May for $130.

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Drones can protect your home! is putting drones to great use. The startup is using camera-equipped drones to watch your house for suspicious activity. And the best part is, the drones don't require human intervention as it can find their way to any specific location when there is a sudden noise or a tripped motion sensor. The drones will then capture the video of what triggered it and send it to your phone. drones are home security systems with wings.


GeniCan uses your trash to make a helpful shopping list. The smart trash can sensor costs $125 and can be mounted on the side of your garbage bin. So before you throw your trash, scan the bar code on the empty box, so it can be added to your grocery list. This will eliminate the process of making a shopping list ever again as the GeniCan iOS and Android app will do that for you.

GE Wi-Fi Oven

GE Wi-Fi oven will put an end to kitchen fires due to overcooked burnt dishes. It works with your Nest Protect smart smoke detector in keeping your home safe by detecting kitchen fires. When the Nest thermostat detects smoke, it will send a signal to the GE Oven, which will then turn off automatically. There's an app that will tell you when the oven goes off in such cases.

Sleep Number 360 Smart Bed

When everything else at your home is getting smarter, why not your mattress? Sleep Number 360 Smart Bed is a hi-tech mattress, that automatically adjusts its positions to give you a comfortable sleep. It also tracks your sleeping patterns.

Note: We will update the article with more products as and when we spot the cool ones at CES.