Nvidia Shield, Streamer
The Nvidia Shield Smart streamerNvidia

PC components and graphic units manufacturing giant Nvidia recently unveiled the new Nvidia Shield TV with an open-platform media streamer developed around the visual computing technology that claims to deliver enhanced experiences in streaming, gaming and AI.

The Nvidia Shield sports a sleek design. The unit ships with a remote and a game controller. As far as gaming capabilities are concerned, Nvidia Shield will synchronise with Android TV and other such devices. New Ubisoft games will be made available for Nvidia Shield with their PC release. 

Native game support for Nvidia Shield TV includes games such as The Witness, Tomb Raider and Shadowgun Legends.

YouTube's flagship TV app will be available for Shield TV in the coming months, for 360-degree viewing experiences. With the addition of Amazon Video in 4K HDR, Shield also supports Netflix, YouTube, Google Play Movies and VUDU.

In the coming months, Shield TV will be expanded with a series of AI capabilities to transform home entertainment:

  • SmartThings Hub technology integration will turn Shield into a technology hub connecting hundreds of smart home devices.
  • Nvidia Spot, an AI mic accessory that makes Shield the central backbone of the AI home, will help extend intelligent control throughout the house.

"We're excited to be part of the new Shield TV, powered by the Android TV platform," said Sascha Prueter, director of Android TV at Google. "When the Google Assistant comes to Android TV in the coming months, Shield users will be able to enjoy a hands-free Android TV experience through 'Ok Google' voice commands."